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The Beatles Revolver
After listening to the new mix it does sound better. It has to with 2022 technology. My original post was not to argue that point. I still say listen to both and enjoy. But the remix is not the album The Beatles released it’s the album Giles Marti... 
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
Allman Brothers Band Live At Fillmore East.   
Vinyl record cleaning
What about the label be sure to turn 0ff heated dry. I see the potential for all kinds of problems.   
The Beatles Revolver
Don’t know what tapes were used for U.K. pressings but I believe the U.K. pressings sound better than the Japanese ones. I do not have a mono cartridge.   
The Beatles Revolver
I have the Japan black box set and the British Blue Box set I don’t have the MOFI set any more but I have always preferred the British Blue Box best for Stereo. But still not as good as the original mono or the 2014 Mono pressings. I have some of ... 
The Beatles Revolver
Never thought I’d get this kind of response thank you all for posting. I received my single LP copy yesterday and it sounds very good. Still prefer my Mono copy but it sounds good. But I still ask is it still Revolver? Same songs but different alb... 
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
Call John Sollecito at Source Technology tell him Jackie sent you. Just bought a pair of the 1.6WC ‘s for my son they list for $999 John sold them to me for $490. Talk to John about what you need. He will give you options. 806 - 918-3088. John has... 
The Beatles Revolver
My final thought is yes I’m sure this may sound better. But  in the car world this would be called a Resto Mod. There’s a market and it will sell so it has to be done I guess. But I just have to say Is Nothing Sacred Anymore.  
The Beatles Revolver
I guess my point was in 1966 the band and George Martin put out the album with the technology they had and it still holds up today. To remake it adding or subtracting to it seems wrong. The music The Beatles made to me was special I’m 67 I grew up... 
Turntable suggestions for a shaky wooden floor
I had the same problem when I moved to new home music room went from basement to 2end floor. I have a RP3 I removed the feet and replaced with Sorbothane Hemisphere Feet. from Amazon. Put springs under my sub’s and the problem was fixed.   
IPad Pro to preamp
Thank you all wish I had my old A77 I only want to stream because I can make playlist I love my vinyl have around 1500+ albums. I’m 67 so vinyl is my main source. But think I’ll bite the bullet and get a Bluesound Node my son has the Power Node an... 
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
The Custom House Barracuda Just got a pair of 2M with bananas for less than $200. Call Bob Finch at 806 790 0552.   
Forgotten heavy bands from late 60's to early 70's
Elf is another good band. Three very good albums. Jo Jo Gunne also. Catus was very good.  
Is there any one piece of vintage gear you most wished you owned?
Also go with a Revox B77 Half Track  
your first system-
Heathkit integrated 60wpc amp a Thornes TD165 TT with Audio-Technica cartridge with Dynaco A25 speakers. This was in 1974 I was 18 at the time.