When did audio goners now have to pay to see the book value of equipment??

I just went to see some used prices of equipment and now it says you have to pay to see this ? When did this happen? I think this is ridiculous!!!! 
It was never free!
1 Year Audio Blue Book Access $150.00 1 Year Camera Blue Book Access $99.00 1 Year Car Stereo Blue Book Access $99.00 1 Year Computer Blue Book Access $400.00 1 Year Copier Blue Book Access $130.00 1 Year Guitars & Musical Instrument Blue Book Access $150.00 1 Year Guns & Scopes Blue Book Access $75.00
What they did was remove access to completed sale info. You could lookup what an item sold for. Can't remember the time period but it was, at least, a few weeks. Grubbers...
@yogiboy   What do you mean it was never free ? I always went on the blue book value all the time to see what items cost brand new and to see what the used blue book value was.  It was always free to look. 
It used to be free to see the Audiogon average price.  Private sale  price and trade in price. I have been on Audiogon for years and always paid my 9.99 $ mon subscription and ways always looking at the blue book values of equipment. This was not an extra fee. They want a one day fee of $4.99 -  9.99 mon - or $99 a year EXTRA TO SEE BLUE BOOK VALUES NOW ? I think this is ridiculous!!!!
Don't feel bad for ebm. True, he does get down in the dumps rather easily reading some posts here, but then he just put's a record on, and is yet again transformed .... he has a NICE rig!!! That's what we're all basically here to share. 😄
OK Admin, you guys remove the option for the insiders? THAT was the only reason to be one.. Nothing else to be gained.. I paid the 99.00 to help support AG, I post.. I pay.. I have no problem with that.. BUT the blue book, was the only thing of actual value for the 99.00.

It will have to come back or loose my support.. Not less for more..
WAKE UP AG. Exactly what you DON’T do, offer less for MORE...

I guess all the windows are blacked out at corporate AG.

It is a ghost town where I live..

I wouldn’t be running off customers with GREEDY practices.. BAD IDEA..

A paying customer.. Paying Attention...
But you said you paid a subscription.  Therefore the 'perks' weren't free.  So just pay the extra fee or drop your subscription and enjoy the sparkling wit of AG posters for free.
I checked my account. I have access to it. I paid 99.00 for a year, I think it is added in when you pay up front? My guess..

All that complaining from me and it was all hog wash.. 

Excuse please ADMIN.. I goofed...My mistake... I should have checked first..

Ok I'm Eeyore # 7, I'm depressed..It's bad, Oh No, I have to say no again.. LOL

Be of good cheer lads. A whole new year....

Happy Happy..

A thing is worth
1/ its value to you
2/ what someone will pay you for it.
Why do you want to sell it? How much do you want to buy it?
Are you listening to the music or are you in the equipment brokering business?
are you listening to the music or are you in the equipment brokering business?


Your point is? Is there a difference.. or not to you.. I like buying, and tinkering. If I like it, I keep it. If not, NEXT...:-)
More is better..different is better, change is good..

The service has never been free, but I have never found the need to use it either. If I have tried to sell something, and it wasn't moving, I lowered the price. It would be a mice little perk if it was free. 
I seem to remember that many years ago, the Bluebook was free. That changed probably a dozen or more years ago. I subscribed to the Bluebook for 1 year after that. I found it to be not very useful. It gave equal weighting to the price of a piece when it was current production to the same piece when it was out of production for several years.                     The Audio Research Reference 3 would be a good example. The resale price now would be nowhere near what it was in 2008. If you want to see what items are listed for and selling for currently, use hifishark. They give you both prices for current listings from multiple sites as well as for expired or sold ads. While it doesn't give the actual sale price, it does give you the price when the piece was listed. It is, IMO, much closer to what the actual market for the piece is than the bluebook ever was.
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What tvad said.
I usually jot down what the item asking price was  because when sold you only see the amount it sold for. 
hifishark is the best place on the planet to see pricing for the given item, in the now and in the past 3-4-5 years.

The blue book or anything else out there, simply cannot compete. Not even close.

hifishark is head and shoulders above anyone and any other website, or system.

If there are some of you that have never been there before..and you go there.. and you see what the website can do, which it can show you, what data you can get and how you can collate, seperate, parse it out....I’d wager that some of you might actually start hyperventilating from the excitement. Seriously. I kid you not.

In any supply and demand situation where there is value involved and the meeting ground is precarious, ie, the ’gon, or the blue book, well..eventually there is someone or something that comes along and takes that value or energy that is being fought over ....and repackages it to their advantage. Hifishark has done exactly that.

Something where everyone gets what they want and each party in the new system or ’way’....find it to be a better bargain. A better deal. When that happens, one of the parties of the old system, the old balance, fades away into total insignificance, it literally dies off.

Hifishark brings the buyers and sellers the data they want, at no cost, and it is better data, best data, data you ain’t never seen before, and never knew existed.

If I want to buy or sell anything audio related, I go to Hifishark. Period. Full Stop.

Availability, trending, pricing via region, number of items per region, in the now and in the past, all malleable.

It’s an audio sniper’s paradise. Hence the name. Shark. The high end audio sniping blood churn. the poll over 300 websites, continuously, for audio related pricing, and now have an extensive back record of old pricing, so the data set is complete. the only place they have no data on, is facebook, a closed system. One of the few if not the only one...where they are big enough to hide their data and not suffer consequence, and don't care. That's ok, I would not urinate on the best part of facebook. Die facebook, die. please. make the world a better place. apologies for the digression.

It also works perfectly for the casual buyer or seller who just wants to get with what is going on and simply buy or sell one item -- with the least hassle. To get that one bit of marketing research to be centric, to be properly functional and connected to what they are doing.

hifishark is nice but you only see asking price. also, audiogon no longer shows the full listing that sold so you don't know if the item was fair condition or excellent. 
Hifishark.com is much better since you can current offerings and completed sale prices.  Hifishark.com has access to much more equipment too.
you can see completed listing prices but not completed sale prices at hifishark.com.  

Ebay does offer completed sales prices and the actual listing using their search filter. That is the most accurate free tool that I know of. 

Every once in a while I will get a DM from someone on a listing service asking what I sold the item for.  
Well guy's maybe they feel " IF YOU CAN PAY 15 K FOR A PAIR OF SPEAKERS OR PAY 4 K FOR SOME CONNECTORS, you can pay $130.00 for a subscription a year.
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There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

If you pay the AG subscription price ($99) I believe, then the blue book access is included.  however, it is not free.  If blue book charges AG or any other service, you can bet that they will try to recover their fee via their members.

I look at Hifishark on occasion.  however, they don't tell me the low, average and high prices of an item.

I typically price items to sell, so I price at or around the average blue book price.  For that I need the blue book.    This is also why I don't have much room for adjusting the price.  I'm not going to give a piece away and I'm also not trying to gouge anyone.


Hifishark.org is much better than Audiogon’s blue book and it is free. Audiogon’s blue book is a very poorly executed tool in my opinion.
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Those with an Insider (or Legacy Bluebook) Subscription have unlimited access to Bluebook. You can also do one-time look-ups for a specific product. Earlier this week while updating and migrating the Bluebook Database, there was an error in syncing user permissions. Those who should have been able to see pricing were unable to. This has been resolved as of an update this morning (12/3/21 @ 5:00AM EST). If you believe you should have access to Bluebook data through your subscription, but are encountering an error, please submit a support ticket so that we can look more closely into your issue.https://support.audiogon.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Please also make sure you are visiting audiogon.com/bluebook, and not the previous bluebook.audiogon.com subdomain.

In addition, The recent Bluebook changes resolved out-of-sync subscription data, so some users who had access to Bluebook actually should not have, since they didn’t have an active subscription.