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Best sounding FM table radio ever made...
This, the WFR 28, is terrific. It's my second Sangean product. My brother has another. Their support is spectacular also. Who else do you know with a direct line to the service bench? The price is embarrassingly small for the quality of t... 
But is it HiFi? (Crown)
Crown makes terrific amplifiers. They have the advantage of being bulletproof, like QSC, but they sound better. I'd jump on this were I not a tube addict.    
Ultimate stereo nightmare
At 74 with wonky knees I share your problem. I'd get a nice pillow, sit down with a nice alcohol free beverage. Put on your glasses, get a flashlight, grab some scale labels, and give it some time. Unhook & reconnect everything, labelling as y... 
Classical music newbie needs your suggestions
If you have any Mozart Opera by the Drottningholm Opera company, listen to it. If you don't, look for it.    
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Who are. Not what, Please. Billie Holiday Tracey Nelson Sarah Vaughan (bonus: Cecilia Bartoli)  
What is the most important cable in your system
The power cable. Without it, nothing works.    
What's the oddest thing in your music collection?
A private recording of songs by the Hmong minority outside of Sapa, Vietnam, from 1999.    
Getting back into venal with a $2,000 budget.
Venal can be had for much less than vinyl.    
When were the best tube amps made?
I'd still go with a properly maintained 240.    
Vintage worth the time to explore?
If you can find an older Sophia EL34 A/B for six hundred dollars or so and invest in a checkup by a qualified tech you'll be in great shape. The good news is that the JJ EL34s or 6CA7s are fine replacements and are not ridiculously expensive.    
How Did Your First Audiophile Experience Impact Your Audio Journey?
Freshman year of college. Enhanced. Lady Land. Thorens 125 (?) S.M.E. arm, a Shure cartridge. Mac tube pre-amp with a 275 and a pair of VOT A7s. It was the beginning of a glorious journey!  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
I loved my Chinese Class A amp. It sounded better than the un-rebranded Sophia A/B I have now. (B.T.W. - Sophia's profit margin on these Chinese-made amps is huge!  
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Why are you listening? To hear the mistakes the engineers made or to enjoy the music? I have a pair of unforgiving loudspeakers coupled to an excellent Sophia A/B amp. Listening to re-mastered Hot 5s & Diana Krall is bliss. There's a lot else,... 
Welcome to Hell, here's your 8-Track
Amusing discussion. Next VHS vs. Beta. Audio cassettes were not a tape loops.  
Klipsch Speakers
Stainless steel connectors? Stainless is a crappy conductor!