What Would you Trade your System FOR?

Since many of us basically have a possessive/obsessive relationship with our system, I am just curious to what you would trade you system for...(and I don't mean for another system either). I'd give mine up in a heartbeat if I am able to travel around the world until it's my last day on earth.
Being able to travel for four months time with each of the following people:

Cameron Diaz
Jody Foster
Jill Hennessy
Nicole Kidman
Gwyneth Paltrow
Natalie Portman

This would require two years, at which time my mind would be so full of glorious thoughts, that I could coast to my last days without my system.
World peace.
Albert, you old dog!

Yes, do it then...trade your system and work for world peace (are they mutually incompatible?) I'm finding I'm spending a lot of tiem on my system and even with upgrades because it gives me a sense of control over things in a difficult time. Yet overall I feel like it is a somewhat empty pursuit, so there's some guilt.
Then again, I am ready to become a peace activist.
Otherwise, I would trade it for a woman who shares love for music and is very affectionate + warm.
a ferrari f-50. with free service and parts, including tires. and diana krall.

FREE eat in any restaurants !!
A one night private concert with the late Eva Cassidy. One of the very few artists that can raise the hair on my arms with cuts like Fields of Gold and Songbird...
A High-End emporium(Accuphase,Pass Labs,Revel,Levinson,Siltech,Koetsu,SME,Goldmund,Gryphon...) with the Albert's people as technical advice!!Wowww
Well, since Cameron Diaz is already spoken for, I'd trade mine for a private place on a no-motor lake in the forest coupled with a way of making a living that allowed for enjoying having the place. Alternatively, I might just wait the four months since Cameron is first on Albert's list.
A time machine to take me back to the glory days of the CSO, Fritz Reiner, Jasha Heifetz, Rubinstein et al.....and sufficient small change to enjoy it all. By and by, the ladies would come by themselves........(sigh)
Porsche 911, and a gorgeous woman who is proficient in all rooms of the home. She would also love watching hockey and football, and NEVER nag me.
I wouldn't trade even my second system for anything on earth. Music gives me more pleasure and lasting contentment and sense of purpose and meaning in life than anything. However, if I was assured that giving up both my systems would mean no tribe or individual would kill or maim other tribes or individuals for any purpose whatsoever, including religion or territory, then I would definitely do it. But tribalism and murder seem to be inherent in human nature, so to cope I must play music and keep my head together and feet on the ground.
Left seat in a B-52 over Kabul.
So Kirk, your Ferrari Diablo wasn't enough?
Supporting my family, if it were necessary.
...to fly B2 above the Afgan and see how mountains can turn out flat just like WTC!
I think my rig is not enough to trade for anything this tired old world needs. So I'll continue to pray for God's love and guidance for all. Peace
I guess I am not surprised at so many reponses willing to trade their systems for a famous woman/women. Do you think all the listening we do with our system will help us be better listeners to these women?
BrianW, The Diablo is a Lamborghini!

I've actually given this some thought, given the current situation, I've been upgrading as much as I can. Money may be worth less, or worthless in the future (I know it's an apocalyptic view but...) I really don't want to give up my system, it took me the better part of 5 years to get what I wanted...

That said, I must concur with 3chihuahuas, I would give up all my worldly possesions, except for a few pairs of Lucky Jeans, some shorts and comfortable shoes (obviously undies and shirts and socks too!), I'd give up everything (else) right now to travel endlessly for the rest of my days. As it stands now, their are about thirty parties I've got (want) to attend around the world, those alone would take a year, possibly two as some are at similar times. I've been trying to hit one or two a year, so at my current rate I'll be 50 for the last ones.....getting up there to be at the burning man, or to run with the bulls, definitely to old to go to the tomatina!!! (Hopefully the burning man and tomatina will be hit this year!!!!!!)
Drrdiamond, would you mind eleborating on your reponse? I doubt you, but I am just curious to why you would not give up anything for your system? You would not even consider if you had an opportunity go outer space?
Okay, Okay, Kennyt, I was wrong! Kirk930 already e-mailed me and called me a dumb a**. I can't argue. I'm the guy that use to auto-cross BRE 510 Datsuns, dreamt of the exotics, got married, and drive a Subaru. I still have the audio though.
ok brian what does a ferrari diablo look like? does everyone see that i made sure to include mantinence? if you were given a ferrari it would costs about 700 a month just to drive it. thats a 12 cylinder. 400 a month for a 8. i see that jeffloistarca likes porsches good choice.
I wouldn't! Not for anything possible (it's taken me 3 years to complete...and I'm a happy bird)! But given a magic wish, I would gladly trade it to erase the events of Sept. 11th.
An endless flow of money, women and hell I would start drinking again! Or I suppose I would give it up for the right girl...but I think the 'right girl' would encourage my hobby and help me recreate it(though I am sure her voice would be all the music I need to hear, lol, have not met anyone like that....yet). Will we be able to build a new system? or must we give up high end audio cold turkey?
Porsche? good choice? It is noisy, not all that fast- even the 911, too expensive to maintain, insurance/theft rate is too high, and to top it off, too common!
Hey, if we are "aimin' high", might as well shoot for the top !!!!

I'd like all of the following, but in no specific order:

World Peace and an end to hostility

a never ending supply of money

a never ending supply of good company & friends

a never ending supply of attractive women that are kinkier and more inventive than i am ( forgot to mention "STD free" )

a "built to the hilt" Shelby Cobra, complete with a custom "cammer" 427 S.O.H.C. motor and all the extra parts, maintenance and mechanics that i would need to keep it running ( HA HA HA Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo fans.... )

a vast selection of other cars, "scooters" ( motorcycles ), etc...

a home that is filled with the best things that life has to offer

A 24 hour masseuse / chiropractor

a "special" women that would allow me all of these things and understand why i want them

the time and motivation to actually do the things that i've been planning on doing for several years....

I think that you get the idea. Only problem is that i couldn't get ONE of those things for the value of ALL of my systems put together : ( Sean
Sean, as always, you are a very, very thorough person. The only thing, to my mind which you've forgotten, is to stay young and healthy for "ever" in order to enjoy it all....Regards,
Sean's an engineer -- no wonder he's thorough!
I'd like to live thru in Europe during the 30s in the music & art scene -- withOUT ww2. (Guess I'll stick to my system.)

I too would trade the system in for a guarantee of "reasonable" world peace though. Doubt anyone would catch on...
I don't think there is anything within my realistic reach I would trade it in for...If there was I probably would have done it already.
On things out of my reach there are a whole list of things
The perfect job would probably be tops....just below world peace
for nothing in the world!
Ya ,Iam a cobra fan. My father had a SOHC 427 in are 21ft.flat bottom Hallet, Man that boat flew.
I,d trade my system for a SC cobra 427 .
I had a chance to drive a 2000 Viper GTS and a Ferrari 355 drop top, each for a weekend last summer. The Viper was big and powerful but with no finesse and a real chore to drive quickly. The Ferrari, on the hand, was sweet and responsive and I would gladly go back to a Fisher shelf system for that truly wonderful car. I had my eye on lesser 'more affordable' sports cars over the last few years (Honda 2000, Vette C5, Boxster) but driving that Ferrari has really spoiled me so much so that I'll s keep my '66 MGB until, I can hopefully someday, afford the Ferrari. Do you think they'll have SACD mobile by then...
Lornecherry I agree, I have driven tons of cars and one of my buddies has a 360 modena and there is nothing like it, period. A viper can be fast but has no panache, similar to a stang, camaro or even a vette. Out of your 'resonable' choices the Boxster is the pick of the liter a joy to toss through the turns. But my problem with ferrari's, aside from maintance, it is only a 2 seater!! where are the girls suppose to sit. I need a 540i(6 speed of course) or something to accomodate more then just 2 people(hint hint S55 AMG). Oh yea I just realized I want in car SACD before I give up my current stereo.
you may have my system as your very own for nothing down, nothing per week. all that's needed is your agreement (and proven wherewithal) to pay my expenses, as i incur them in my sole discretion, for the remainder of my natural life.. pretty simple, eh? just like gettin' divorced -cfb
Hay cornfed you sound like you have an arrangment like this going already, is that how you got those Eidolon's??LOL! My only question is who gets the dog? I mean you can't cut him in half.
tim: actually, we're close to our 35th anniversary. and we have 2 dogs. -cfb
ok lotuss4 what car would you recomend? the porsche 911 turbo is wicked,and not to bad to mantain either. as far as slow i think not . i look at alot of fast cars in the rearview mirror including lotuses.
An endless supply of live concerts with all the frills (I'll leave the groupies out since my wife is old fashioned that way). That would, of course, include all the frills mentioned by Albert and Sean.

Plan B (even less likely): A brainwashing of the world so everyone accepts one another for who they are and I forget my obsession for getting the next tweak right.

Nice post. Thanks.
very true the viper is fast but after 15 minutes boring. the ferraris are the most fun to drive, agreed. if you can afford the mantinence, buy one. the 540i 6 speed kicks ass. good choice. the porsche 911 turbo is the best bang for the buck. easy to modify to outrun anything. the 928 is the sleeper awsome road car. but a pain in the ass . drives better than any thing for road. v8 power to.
No one mentioned the M5 (1 Mr. + 4 Mistresses) It rocks!
I drove an M5 and was not into it for the $$$, thought the S8 would walk all over it. Maybe not as fast but more refined. The M5 is a little raw to drive, kinda like a CLK 55 AMG they are great and fast as the dickens but untamed and hard to drive. I am looking forward to the new Bugatti, 1001 horsepower!! I probably will never get a chance to drive one though, dang it!
I have never seen or heard of, much less driven, most of the cars you guys are obsessing about! Are they really that spectacular? I drove my friend's BMW 323i a few times and that is the absolute best, smooth shifting, smooth- and FAST-accelerating car I have ever driven. I used to drive a Jetta, now I drive a Mazda MPV automatic (to accommodate two black Labs and various speaker boxes and amps and stands, etc.), so I guess I am an incredible naif about these things. Still, to give up my stereo system for a CAR? Never. But for what Cornfed said, all my expenses, incurred as I wish, for as long as I live? YES.
Could someone very briefly state why the car thing is such a fetish? I could tell the huge difference between the BMW and anything else I've driven, but why go over the top into those formula 5 or whatever race cars?
Interesting coments Sc53, the easiest way to explain it is relating it to audio. Most people would love to have BOSE, but we all prefer good sound, sort of like cars. Once you taste the finner things in life you do what it takes to get it for your own. One of my best friends has a 1999 BMW 323i for his beater car, so I have driven it/beat it many times, it is a very good car. Not in the same class as say an M5, S8 or 911 but paradigm can't run with Avalon, Wilson or Soundlab either, does that mean that paradigm is garbage, NO. Paradgim is possibly one of cheapest true hi-fi set ups you can get, sort of like the 323i being the starting point of cars. Make any sense???
formula 1 sarah. i also have a black lab . he is 1 year old and 110lbs. kick ass dog. the car thing is a guy thing ,well i thought audio was to , but i guess i am wrong. tire guy i disagree about the m5 i love it . it is not worth the extra bucks over the 540 for me , but if i had my dream garage it would have a ferrari f-50 ,ferrari 550, porsche ruff turbo, turbo s 97 model, 95 928 gts 5 speed , an m5 , a 333 ferrari ,360 ferrari cab, a 750il bmw, and an x-5. enough dreaming i guess i will keep my 91 turbo, 97 dodge 2500 4by4 and my damn tunes.
A woodworking shop stocked with all the toys.
Don't get me wrong I am not saying the M5 is a bad car but I would rather have others for that price range. Just my crazy opinion, I must admit I am not a huge fan of Chris Bangles designs so that could be where I am coming from, also I must admit I am an audi/porsche guy which means the ultimate driving machine is the enemy, hahahaha. That being said I would love to have an M3 over a S4, unless of course the S4 was heavily modded.
ok tireguy i agree the m3 is a damn good car. if you are talking 928 gts vs newest m3 that is much more fair. the gts has 360 hp, the new m3 has 333, plus the m3 is a 6. i love m3s also . the thing is you can buy an s4 for 10k to 15k , the older m3 still brings 15 to 25. the s4 has more balls and is much more comfy. hey was this not a stereo web site? any way my loves are working out , stereo , cars and my pain in the neck woman.
I would think a non-turbo engine such as a M3 or a M5 is much cheaper to maintain than the turbo S4 or S8. Then again, if you can afford to buy one, I would assume you can afford the keep one ( including maintenance).
World Peace and Meg Ryan just for me.