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20amp v 15amp
If  the wall outlet is 15-amp 125V then you'll need either a 20 amp to 15 amp plug adapter or a one foot 20/15 power cord. Each are less than 10 dollars. But if you know how to replace a receptacle, then install a combo 15/20 amp 250V receptacle. ... 
Power cord - 5 ft vs 10 ft ?
Theoretically, since all power cords have a resistance per foot, the ideal length would be as short as practical. If by 'performance' you mean as low of a voltage drop to the amp as possible.   
Need advice with clicking noise from my tube amp
To narrow it down, I would try running an extension cord to another outlet (not on the audio circuit) and see if the problem repeats.   
AR Classic 60 Bias Confusion
The tech most likely got it right with a bias of 32.5ma. Based on the manual, there is a plate voltage of 420V and a bias of -46 V. If the output transformer is between 4 and 6k ohms, then 65 ma is the correct bias for the 6550 tube as it operate... 
Dedicated power circuits
Cutler Hammer is now Eaton, whose products are available everywhere. Use hospital grade outlets for your audio. These outlets have a tighter grip on the prongs of the power cord which is much more effective preventing noise from entering than what... 
How does a speaker blow out?
Low powered amplifiers can clip when pushed to their upper power limit, which sends out DC to the speaker. DC current melts speaker driver voice coils.  
Power cord length
Time aligned power? Filtering per unit of conductor length? What physics text books are on that dealer's shelf?  
Left RCA out on DAC not working
My  guess is the RCA jacks on the DAC are pcb mounted and the left jack's hot pin is not soldered (not the ground). The AECO plug is longer than the other RCA plugs and pushes the hot pin back onto the pad, making electrical contact. Board mounted... 
Power conditioner wire gauge? Serious issue
And the wire gauge from the IEC inlet to the power supply is at most 14ga and is usually 16 or 18ga. Not to mention the fuse element is equivalent to a 20ga solid conductor. I use 10/3 Romex for one reason only: the conductors are pre-twisted in ... 
Resistors in Parallel
It's not a problem. I've paralleled resistors to dial in a specific ohm value that is not standard. If you really want to dive deep into the weeds there is the wire inductance in the paralleled resistor leads which can be a lot higher than the ind... 
Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?
The purpose of using fatter wire in branch circuits is to minimize voltage drop to the receptacle when there is a long run from panel to receptacle. That six feet from receptacle to appliance is trivial. Besides, the wiring from the amp power inle... 
The Last Power Cable Question EVER (from me)
That power cable is marketed to audiophiles who flaunt their wealth. May as well ask how much better is the million dollar  Asanti diamond wheel than the $20k Forgiato when it comes to reducing road noise.   
ARC repair needed
Try Pyramid Audio (Texas) or United Radio (Rochester NY) Problem is the transistors in that amp are obsolete and it's very difficult to find an equivalent that will work. Transistor amps are very intolerant to transistor substitutions no matter h... 
I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
The younger generation can access more music in one hour than a baby boomer could sample between '64 and '74.  
Yggdrasil OG dac anologue 2 possible problem
Check the settings in the streamer app, see if there is a delay for sample rate changes. Some DACs take a while to adjust to a new sample rate and the streaming app mutes for a specified time selected by the user. The Yggdrasil only needs a second...