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Disadvantages of buying old solid state.
Go to the Schiit Audio website and look at the Aegir and Vidar. Less than $1,000. New. With a warranty. 15 day trial period in your own listening room. Probably will sound better than anything used within 5 times the price.  
Audio Research D400 mk2 Caps
Audio Research gear is a pain to work on, everything is tight. What is the lead spacing between the cap terminal screws? How tall is the cap? You don't have to use exactly 67kuF.  
Tube or Amp Problem? Please help.
Without cross checking with other tubes, I wouldn't run the amplifier. There may be a problem with the screen voltage being out of spec (which can cause tube failure, distortion, and/or inability to increase or decrease plate current to spec). The... 
Too Much Power
All things being equal, there are really no drawbacks for a high power Class D amp, other than maybe paying for something you may not need. But all things are never equal and one of those is Class D is horrible sounding if not done right (Levinson... 
Ok ..I have Maggie 1.7is on Magnarisers but one keeps blowing the "tweeter"
You will need a digital multimeter, like this: (cheap, but good) Read the instructions on how to test for resistance. Basically it is plugging the black lead into the COM jack and the red lead into the middle jack (greek letter omega). Set the s... 
Ok ..I have Maggie 1.7is on Magnarisers but one keeps blowing the "tweeter"
Measure the resistance across the terminals without the cables connected. If there is a difference between the speakers then you'll know it's a repair issue.  
Toroidal transformer on tube amp
Torroids are smaller and lighter, which is the main reason they’re used is SS gear. Using a torroid as a mains transformer on a tube amp is okay, but it has a wider footprint, so it’s a matter of allocating real estate that usually takes priority ... 
Burn in after repair?
What amplifier is it? How old is it? How long have you had it? What were the symptoms that something was wrong? Who did the repair? Is the amp connected to the same electronics and speakers then and now?   
Can we assume you checked the electrolytic caps around the DAC voltage reference pins are not damaged or shorted and the +/- 5V Vdd reference voltages are correct?  
43 dB noise level from speaker with amps (not including pre-amp)
Decibels are logarithmic, not linear. If the noise floor is 45 dB and you add another 45 dB from your speakers, the combined dB is 48. If you double the noise and add 90 dB to the ambient, the combined level is 90.00014. The numbers to the right o... 
unison simply four no sound
Is there a time delay circuit that turns on the high voltage after the heater voltage? Something there could have gone bad such as a charging capacitor used as a timer.  
Fuse Direction for Pass Labs Amp and Preamp
One of the things about this hobby is you can extrapolate things to the ridiculous. Fuse direction is one of them. How do you know that by switching the fuse it is the metallurgy of the fuse with respect to the AC source that makes it sound differ... 
Installing dedicated 10 gauge lines
Calling an electrician is the best advice. They will assess what can and can't be done  within your budget. Also, it's not written in stone you have to go behind the walls. Surface mounted conduits such as WireMold can bring power to almost anywhe... 
Life of KT 150 Tubes
If this is the first and only set of tubes you had, my first instinct would be a faulty production batch from the factory. I wouldn't suspect the amplifiers unless the problem happened with one amp. Moreover, a bias current of 55 to 60mA means the... 
Does Anyone Buy Schiit for the Sake of Schiit?
What makes you think that Schiit's workmanship and material is of inferior quality? If their products came in milled aluminum cases with fancy engraving and sold through a dealer network, their prices would easily triple. "Good For the Money" is a...