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What could cause this amp to fail?
A clicking sound to me is a relay not latching. It’s possible that an overload or dc offset protection circuit has a bad holding/charging capacitor that feeds a transistor holding a speaker protection relay closed. 
Fuse location ....( if any) in MGA Mitsubishi DA P600 Pre-amp
A lot of these old units have the power switch on a circuit board connected by a plunger to a push button on the front panel. Follow the plunger to the circuit board. The fuse should be on the board right next to the switch. 
Missing caps on EAT E glo Petit phono preamp
Without the schematic as a reference you cannot tell if the cap is missing. It could be intentionally not installed. It is not uncommon for mfr's to put spaces on pcb's for future components anticipating design changes or upgrades -- or they could... 
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
... and over the top power supplies wreak havoc on low level preamp signals and negate any benefit from "direct" connections’. One reason why most top-end preamps have separate power supplies. 
Unsure how to set levels to use tubes and power amp together
By turning the volume to 100% on the Parasound, you are reducing the number of resistors in the path of the signal from the preamp to the amp's input stage. Resistors are noisy and the fewer the better. So the answer is there is less distortion wi... 
Distortion on the Power Line
Commercial air conditioning systems with variable speed motors are the most likely culprits.  They share the harmonic distortion with all their power grid neighbors. 
Why dont perfect Speakers exist?
The reason you are chasing your tail looking for the perfect speaker is because you are neglecting the speaker enclosure. Not the one behind the drivers that come with the purchase but the one in front of the drivers -- your room. Even if the spea... 
Oscilloscopes - what specs to look for?
100 Mhz should be the minimum, it will be beneficial for viewing parasitic oscillations. FFT analysis is a plus, especially high resolution. Most budget scopes have a math function to do this but the Rhode & Schwarz models have the highest res... 
Filter Capacitance
The Aegir and the Vidar both share the same transformer and other parts to keep production costs down. Not the ideal amps to make transformer vs power rating comparisons with. 
Do WBT spades need break in?
Hollow and confused sounds like out of phase. Are you sure you connected the new connectors correctly? First thing I would check is continuity + to + and - to - 
Are aftermarket power cords required to be UL / CE approved?
There are Christmas tree lights UL listed... and the chances of your house catching fire from them is much much higher than an aftermarket power cord on your CD player.I am almost certain that power cords must be UL listed if they are packaged wit... 
Need help in trying to trace cause of distortion
I had a similar problem... thought it was the tweeter... traced it to a shorted bypass 150pf cap in the output stage of the DAC. So it could be anything anywhere. It can only be traced by process of elimination. In my case, it was going from singl... 
How can I limit the volume on integrated amp
If there is a tape record out, this is tied directly to the other inputs. Select an input (say, CD). Take a DMM and place one probe in the left CD input and the other in the left tape out. There should be a resistance of 1k to 5k. If there is a sh... 
Gain on preamplifier
The max output at 30V could mean at an input of 3 volts it clips. 3 volts in and 30V out is a gain of 20dB. 
Beware of NAD M3 Fire Hazard
Safety caps do fail short, not enough though to create a fault condition a fuse or breaker can clear. RIFA caps in old Mark Levinson gear are notorious for this. If it's the "round cylinder", it is possible that something conductive shorted the po...