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What size Audiophile FUSE for my Arcam AVR300 ?
Thanks Dopogue. I knew I could probably get info through Arcam, but first I'd probably have to listen to them say it would void any warranty, etc. I guess it doesn't really matter because the warranty's over anyway. Also, a short time aftter posti... 
What size Audiophile FUSE for my Arcam AVR300 ?
Gee thanks Larryken. I think lame response is more like it. Why bother if you can't offer any help. You obviously have too much time on your hands to be busy posting such nonsense. My receiver is tucked in really tight in a cabinet that's difficul... 
Monster pwr conditioners----your thoughts?
Monster power conditioners mainly treat the upper frequencies and do it well. Much audio noise is contained in the upper frequencies. The better power conditioners treat all frequencies and that does make for an improvement over Monster designs, b... 
Mod Squad Soft Shoes? Anyone have them?
Got one set. 
Mod Squad Soft Shoes? Anyone have them?
Thanks for all your help guys. Howard is sending me one set and Paul (from the original ad jameswei posted) has gotten in touch and I'm awaiting his response, so hopefully my Soft Shoes should arrive soon! 
Mod Squad Soft Shoes? Anyone have them?
Jameswei, thanks for the tip, I sent him an email asking to buy four of them and am awaiting a response. 
Best Mid-Priced DVD/SACD/DVD-A/HDCD Player?
Have you looked into the OPPO 981HD? www.oppodigital.comIf you're patient, Google "Secrets of Home Theater". They do extensive tests and found the OPPO to be the top dog of EVERY DVD player EVER MADE. OF course they focus on DVD playback mainly. T... 
How does the Rotel RSP-1066 sound?
Thanks guys. Cytocycle, does the Ovation have 5 channel inputs for SACD/DVD-A? 
How does the Rotel RSP-1066 sound?
Thanks, Distortion. Auditioning can be tricky. I'll see what I can find in the NYC shops this weekend. 
Amp for Nautilus 805 - Krell KAV or Classe cap 101
Perhaps this bit of info might help, B&W's are designed and developed using Classe` amplification. 
Help requested setting up REL subwoofer pair
I have one REL Strata III and have always wondered about this myself. I have a custom made Neutrik Speakon cable, and don't see how a second custom cable set could piggy back on the first set, since my Bi-wired speaker terminals are jammed already... 
B&W N805 vs. Revel M20
I own the 805's and found the Signature 805 to be a big improvement. It sounds like a much bigger speaker and had more of everything, bass weight, detail, soundstage, transparency, lack of boxiness...Haven't heard the Revel's though. 
HT Choice Aerial 10T or B&W N803?
Just one comment, as I like both B&W and Aerial equally. My B&W 805's don't sound bright AT ALL. If anything, the midrange is a little dull, but highs? crystal clear. B&W uses Classe` in their test environments and they would complemen... 
Component video cable?
From Monster to Harmonic Technology was so much clearer, with better blacks, less noise, richer color without bloom, etc, etc. I have no reason to look further. 
Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp ?Break-in Period?
My Musical fidelity HT600 has a phenomenally quick dynamic range. When bass kicks in rapidly, as in an orchestra the 600 delivers fantastic bass quickly, so I'm wondering what's up with these lack of bass observations. The A3cr is the "daddy' of t...