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What makes a speaker perform well at low volume?
A good amplifier is the biggest contributor, being able to manage the musical spectrum faithfully at low volume is not trivial. 
iTunes idiot needs some help
Thanks for all the info, very much appreciated! I'll experiment and see how it goes, I'd rather do that now than before I end up ripping all my WAV files to the HD. Thanks again folks, Jeff 
CDP-Front load with Top qualities
Assuming your budget isn't limited EMM Labs is a fine player, the best I've heard yet. 
USB to spdif converter that passes 96Khz/24 bit?
Saw this at CES, totally cool and it works: click on computer audio 
iTunes idiot needs some help
Hi Hector,I searched the archives here and on the iPod lounge before posting this. I'm sure this can be done...I figure 400 Cd's @ at an average of 600mb each will take up about 240gb of disk space on my hard drives, to shrink the files to fit on ... 
Oracle Turntable Service
Oracle sells a tune-up kit for $150, includes new springs, belt, etc.. take a look on their website for complete info.In terms of upgrading I think it'll cost way too much to bring your MK I up to snuff. Probably be better to buy a used MKIV or Ma... 
BAT preamp owners
I own a VK3i (office system) and a VK30 (main system). It's worth mentioning that the two preamps are not priced the same, so to some degreee it'll depend on your budget. The two preamps are quite different; the 3i has four 6DJ8/6922 tubes while t... 
Who makes Beautiful / Attractive Speaker Cables?
QED Silver Anniversary would be a good pick, mates will with your Linn too 
Making a Difference
TORONTO (CP) - An "amazing" outpouring of generosity has seen Canadians give more than $32 million to south Asian relief funds."It's really impressive," said Bernard Barrett of the Canadian Red Cross. "People, obviously, have been very touched by ... 
Making a Difference
Thanks for pointing out an alternative Swamp-man. This is one of the most horrific disasters in modern times, I hope the lack of responses to this post is cuz you're all busy quietly doing your part to help. 
Got money in the bank. Please help
Hi Nick,There are plenty of Aerius speakers in Canada, the trouble is they are worth more to the owner's than buyers are willing to pay. I have a pair of Aerius I use in my home office system, I wouldn't sell 'em for $1000 Cdn. What could I buy to... 
Agon Members at CES
I'm at CES again this year, it's the one date in my agenda that's set in stone. I checked the weather; jeez it ain't real nice in LV lately, hopefully it dries up and the temperature is a little less "Canadian". I'm up for being dotted and hope to... 
CES Rumors
Elgordo,Not to mention the Adult Entertainment Show runs at the same time as CES. Maybe that's where Marco et al bumped into their playmates who ultimately absconded the lads' extremely-broken-in undergarments? 
Are you bored to tears with the topics lately?
How about another thread on "Jaw-dropping power cords"? There's the common-sense theory that if you have some well designed, beefy power supplies then the power cord makes no difference at all. There's the school of thought that sez a power cord i... 
Worst mismatches in equipment: your warnings
BAT VK500 amplifier and Eminent Technology LFTVIIIa speakers are a great match, but do not use Zu WAX bi-wire speaker cables between the two. Congested, closed in, flat sound.. it was horrible. DH Labs Q10 proved to be a great cable.