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The best phono stage out there?
I have owned various phono stages SS and Tubes.The best i have heard so far is dedicate Kondo KSL-M7 phono, stand alone phono. 
Wavac PR T1
Kondo M77 is the best preamp i have ever heard (besides M1000) and i considered it best buy in the Kondo chain. 
best phono preamps?
The best i have heard is Kondo Japan Phono M7 (dedicate phono only) 
Super Dac under $20K?
Vekian DAC is the best i have heard SS DAC so far.My previous SS DAC's: 30.6, D70, D-03, and DC-801. 
Wilson Audio MAXX series III
Go to their website for more detail ! It's up. 
Considering a change. Avantgarde for Wilson.
You are surely Honda Civic's owner looking at Toyota Tacoma. It's difficult to say, i am driving both of them. 
Most important component??
Besides Room, i would say:1. Recording2. Agree with duke: Loudspeakers-Amp Matching3. Preamp 4. Source5. Cables 
JEM Blue Pearl
Thanks for the info. Do they have a website ? Any new model/upgrade version of their table ? 
Living voice and kondo
Glory, you said, "The AN amp will work as good as a Kondo if not better."What is AN amp, in your own room, better than Kondo, in your on room? (side by side comparison)See my post carefully, i am not suggesting Kondo to him since it's, off course,... 
Living voice and kondo
Stating Audio Note UK as good as Kondo is totally ignorance and misleading. They are not even closed. I have both in my hand so I can say it loudly. 
Speaker dilema
Used Silverline SR 17.5 would be my choice. 
Excellent turntables with threaded spindles ?
Dear Rushton, Thank you for the info. I thought that Walker was using screw-on clamp. Basically, they use a heavy weight clamp to flatened the record, don't they? 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Skull, what's the Arrakis? Would you please tell us more detail? Drivers, cabinets, etc.... 
best preamp ever - cost is no object
Audio Note Kondo Japan M1000 and M77. 
Best Integrated Amp Of All Times?
Audio Note Kondo Ongaku !!