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Best redbook CD playback system for $30k
And think about the modifications someone mentioned! 
Best redbook CD playback system for $30k
Wadia 831 direct balanced intoAtmasphere 60 watt monosCoincident VictorysVandersteen subs (2)Coincident cablesThe balls :))Don't know exact price, but can't imagine any better.If you don't want an all-tube amplifier, use an Aria hybrid WT100XL, or... 
Amp for Traingle Zerius 202's?
Decware SE84C. Not that much power, but terrific sound for about $500. Also, this does not sound tubey in the traditional sense, but super fast and more transparent than any ss amp. Very spare from the ergonomic standpoint..just one input and a vo... 
Audio Physic Spark v. Joseph RM-22 sigs
Ake, I agree with your preference for SETs, but what you didn't like about the Maggies you might chalk up to having to use high power solidstate amplifiers, which as you now know, have all kinds of problems re-creating low level signals with fidel... 
Audio Physic Spark v. Joseph RM-22 sigs
All I can say is, you're in for a disappointment going from Maggies back to any box speaker. Do you not like the sound or are you fed up with the ergonomics? That I could understand...they're big and difficult to place.Tom 
Sub For Martin Logan Aeon's
My experience is limited to reading about the newest ML sub in an Absolute Sound issue. Writer said it was an excellent sub, though expensive, around $2700.I also highly recommend the REL subs, from personal experience, they match well with most a... 
Any comments on Jeff Rowland Design Model 9
"I gathered that the Radian needs a powerful amp and I think the 8Ti may not be up to the job. "A priori, that's nuts. The 8ti has plenty of power for any speaker. Are you unhappy with the sound you're getting? 
Hum in Parasound HCA 800 II
This is a power amp, right? And it has a headphone jack?No surprise there is a hum thru headphones, which are very sensitive. tom 
Need Preamp Advice ARC VT100 mk2
Do it! Upgrade the preamp.Tom 
New purchase BAT VK-60...new buzz
Suggest you switch to or at least try a truly balanced preamp. Without this you are not getting the best out of the amp. You could even go with the Adcom 750 which has balanced connectors, but better would be a BAT 3i or 5i . Just a thought.Tom 
Why is the standard tonearm cable not good enough?
If you listen to Naim, all line level signals and especially lower level signals should really be going through DIN connectors, which they use, since RCA plugs, no matter how good the cable, tend to reflect signal back and forth and cause smearing... 
Used market in Europe
Thanks, I will check these out. I am also considering sending over my own electronics and buying a transformer.Tom 
Grado Sonata, I need help.
The combo is very good, actually, if set up right. Also the cartridge needs to be played some hours before settling down. 
Are you going to buy the Rolling Stones SACDs?
They need time to get everyone worked up so we will want to buy them, but first they have to hype aging boomers into thinking that SACD is worth buying the same old recordings twice and three times. Give me a break folks, we already went through t... 
Cable vs. Electronics: biggest bang for the buck
Hi all,Jdubusc, to some extent this analogy is useful, but mostly it is misleading. In a real chain, if you improve the second weakest link (assuming you can identify it), then the chain is no stronger. In a hi fi system, if you improve the second...