What should I sell these for used here? Buyers?

I have the below speakers, and receiver... used, but for only about 200 hours... GREAT shape. EXTREMELY impressive system... being an audiophile (obviously)--I found that these speakers were about as good as it gets, before you have to start spending obscene amounts of money. Was about a $4,000.00 system back in '11 when I bought it... haven't used it at all, and need to get rid of it. I actually have a passive 3D 1080p 65" LG LCD from the same year I'm also trying to sell... was WORTH (spent less) $6,500.00 when I got it... it's also THX certified. Should I sell everything together, somewhere? Where? Do you think they would sell here? Certainly wouldn't on craigslist. Should I sell them together? What should I ask?



What do you think???
you need to buy an ad.
Moderators definitely love Audiophelia89. Others won't be able to show links to items for sale out of different sites even from brothered ebay.
Sell them on ebay to find out what they are worth! In all of my time on this site, I've never even heard of these?
Give it away be a sport!!
Buy an ad!
Very few people who want that stuff have the money to buy it at any price.
$500...700 for everything will seem to be fair offer as these systems getting obsolete and outdated quick. Once new model comes into game, the old model becomes an unsupported orphan and should loose the value all the way to minimum.

there's nothing special to it to be worth such money.
Agreed with Czar. And you'd be better selling on ebay or craigslist. The T2 is a huge system designed for huge rooms; shipping alone would be pretty prohibitive due to the number of boxes. There are better, cheaper 2.1 systems out there.

However - and its a big however -- the Onkyo is worth hanging onto or selling for a decent price. It's overbuilt, solid, and tho its not at all hi-fidelity, it's a good multi-channel receiver.
Throw it in the dumpster. Shame on you for trying to get the prices for free instead of using Audiogons Blue Book.
How come those speakers look like one of the B&W series (600)? They look real close at first glimpse.
And I'm curious as to why you haven't listened to the system at all since you bought it. What's the point?

And I'm also thinking this could be a troll.
How in the heck does a posting like this get through?

My last 10 forum postings if they even got published, took days of moderation scrutiny and I've been a member here for over 10 years.
Just listen...agreed me too...uneven and untimely moderation has killed these once vital forums and this guy gets in no problem. (Let's see if this makes it ...I'll check in about 4 hours... ;)
Nice try..........wrong stuff, wrong place !!!!!!!
This entire forum needs serious updating. We need threaded responses, quote/multi-quote options, likes, flags, member-based moderation; you know, something less 2004 and more 2014.
Agree with Chayro. On another note, this type of post has been getting through for several years now. Maybe like 4-5 years. This shouldn't come as a surprise.
"How in the heck does a posting like this get through?"

Justlisten, I wonder myself.
Craig's List please. You won't sell it here.
Those look like white van speakers to me.
Those look like white van speakers to me.