What is the most popular wood finish ?

I am looking for opinions on wood veneers for my speakers that i am going to resell . I am about to have them professionally redone for resale . Any opinions on species that would bring me top dollar ? Maple , cherry, mohagony, are a few i am considering . Or is a black gloss automotive paint a good idea ? Thanks all .
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Of recent years, I would say Cherry & Rosewood other than black that is. Or at least that is my observation. Of those two I think Cherry. But I am partial to cherry.
I like Rosewood or Bubinga.
Another vote for Rosewood, after that I like piano glass black!
My Tylers are in a beautiful walnut finish.
I and wife really like African Hazelwood. See system for photo
Walnut Burl or Flame maple. You may want to try automotive finishes as well. Popular with Wilson Audio and Zu.
What kind of speakers are they, by the way? Also, do let us know what you go with and if possible, take some pics for us too! On a side note, I do like the way some of the totems look in a gloss white, red or blue!
Ebony is my favorite. I especially like the ebony finish used by Proac.
BTW, what speakers are you prepping?
I think rosewood has run its course. Natural cherry and maple seem to be more popular.
Old stock Brazilian rosewood, if you can find it, without going to jail getting it. I have all my ProAc speakers in this finish, absolutely stunning.
The speakers are Proac response 2.5 . They came in natural oak which i did not care for. They were painted white . For resale i figure i better neutralize them . I am told ebony and some real exotic veneers will cost me $500 just for the wood where others are gonna cost me $100 plus labor . The latter is the budget.
I would think cherry or walnut would be safe choices. A lot of the exotics can be too taste specific. Just use a natural stain and a clear coat. Make sure you see samples by whoever is doing the work for you.
Another vote for rosewood, looks great to me and has a high WAF. I do also like other "darker" wood colors. The Makore finish on my Verity Audio speakers was absolutely stunning.
have REV 5's in bocote wood that Fritz had lying around
I've always been a sucker for maple. There are so many variations that it would make it hard for me to choose.
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I think those particular speakers look best in maple or birds eye maple.
Rosewood and other exotics will not necessarily be good for resale. As you say, keep it neutral. Maple or cherry are good choices. And you are correct, rosewood, ebony, and others will run you 500 or more just for material. Depending on how good the craftsmen is, the labor cost will be high. I've veneered many speakers in my day, to be done correctly is not an easy chore. Raw veneer will give a much better finished product than backed material, but is a lot more labor intensive.
It depends on the brand and size. I think dark colours, ebony and walnut, are better on smaller monitors, a bit overpowering on large standmounts. I like cherry a lot, but if it's reall wood, not a veneer, it tends to redden with age. I like the real oak cabinets with a walnut fascia, on my speakers. My wife got to choose that.

It really depends on the maker. Different companies have different looking finishes, too.