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Integrated amplifier search
The Micromega seems good.  I’m happy with the sound quality overall, but I was hoping for more from the room correction.  I’ll try it again maybe this weekend to see if I feel like it dials things in a littlebetter for me. 
Integrated amplifier search
I landed on a Micromega M100 with MARS room correction.  A little bigger in size than I had hoped, but checks every other box.  Plus I can hang it on the wall vertically if I want.  It arrives Monday, I’m excited to fire it up. 
Micromega M-100/150 field reports
Just purchased an m100 with MARS.  With a little luck it’ll be here before the weekend.  Moving from a Parasound Halo Int.  I’m geeked about trying the room correction.  Everything I’ve read about it seems to be very positive. 
Integrated amplifier search
I’ve had tubes before. Anthem pre amp, pathos classic one, and antique sound labs integrated. I’m sure I’m missing a couple. They didn’t do much for me and I’m convinced good solid state gear can go toe to toe with tubes. I appreciate all all the ... 
Integrated amplifier search
I’m willing to go up in price.  My wife has tolerated my audio habit long enough and I don’t listen critically nearly as much as I use to, so going down in size is no problem for me.  The Sony has intrigued me for a while.  I don’t remember if it ... 
Integrated amplifier search
The dealer 2.5 hours from me has the nova on demo. I could go listen there. I don’t follow audiogon nearly like I used to, do they ever pop up used? 
Integrated amplifier search
Caphill, thanks for the feedback, exactly what I was looking for.  I don’t have any Naim dealers near me so I either need to drive a ways, or wait for a used one to pop up.  I doubt they show up used often if they are new.the Parasound does have a... 
Integrated amplifier search
The Naim is a great suggestion.  That seems like it might be right up my alley as far as specs and size goes.  Price is a little higher than I’m hoping for though.ive not owned Naim gear before, but I know it’s well reviewed.  I supposed I’m somew... 
Integrated amplifier search
while I can appreciate where you are coming from, searching for another Integrated isn’t about upgrading.  I want to maintain the sonic quality I have now (which I quite like - regardless of system quality there will always be a weak link somewher... 
Help a vinyl newbie improve his rig
I have a VPI traveler that I purchased about six weeks ago. I considered the Scout Jr., and even the Scout 1.1. In the end, it was a video on YouTube that swayed me. It's is the son of VPI's owner discussing the traveler Vs the Scout Jr.He said th... 
Solidsteel speaker stands
SS version. Yes, I believe the top is MDF. My speakers are Clearwave R6. Thanks for the response. 
Best products for baffle material s ?
I do a lot of high end custom cabinet work for speakers. Contact me for more info at my username at gmail dot com 
MF A300 or A3.2 for my von schweikert vr2?
I've owned the A3, A3.2, and A308. The A308 was the best, but I currently own the 3.2 and really enjoy it. I bought it about two months ago and bought it for less than $600. So don't pay 950 for the one you are looking at. 
Building an audio room - 12x22 - electrical plan?
It's not code to run 220 power in a residential setting? I'm curious where you got your information. Electric dryers, water heaters, and ranges all run on 220 power. There is no code that says you can't have 220 power in your house. Or even three ... 
DIY/Home Brew Taking A Risk
Depends on your situation. Woodworking is my forte. I've spent years studying exotic veneering and cabinet construction. I don't do crossover design. But, over the years I have met a few people that I really trust to do impeccable crossover work. ...