Refinishing Yamaha NSM-1000's

I have a pair of NSM-1000's that need the tops refinished. I've never tried to re-do a black finish before so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone out there that has already done it. I want to try to do just the top surface, not strip the whole speaker cab. Any help is appreciated!
Hi, the finish on the Yammies from memory were a satin black lacquer, not hard if you have a high pressure spray gun. Failing that you can buy satin black lacquer in a spray can. Start by rubbing the surface with oo steel wool to a smooth even surface then remove any greese and oils . Mask of the area and apply two light coats a few minutes in between each coat. Leave a few hours to cure out and rub with steel wool until smooth. Repaeat with 2 or 3 light coats and your done. the steel wool is used as it creates an even abraided surface to the bottom of the wood grain. If you try to put on too much lacqeur air bubbles will be trapped from the lower grain and will fail to work through the finish before it cures. The flattening agent wont be apparent for maybe a few hours after spraying so I quess you have to wait to see the finish blends. It wouldn't suprise me if you end up respaying the whole speaker when you get going, it not that hard it's just work and patience. I spent 35 years of my life refinishing furniture and building speakers for myself and comercially, something I really loved doing. Be also aware there is no such thing as black, most blacks ar dark dark blue or dark dark red. the dark dark blue would best blend with the Yammies. I hope this helps, good luck but you won't need it.
A relatively easy task. They make veneer's out of many types of wood, to get the idea, think of what is called a "door skin." It is a roled up sheet of a veneer of your choise that is then contact cemented to a door which gives you a "real wood" surface to finish as you choose. My guess would be maple to match the 1000's. I'm sure you can go online for instructions. Once in place, experiment with different spray paints, probably satin black to get a match your like.

While you're at it, get yourself some silver wire and replace the internal wiring and the speaker binding posts.
Really helps tame the hot highs of the berilium domes. I can help you with this if you are interested.

I did a pair for a friend that had fallen out of a truck in oak veneer with a satin finish and they were incredible.

Thanks for the info! That was the key information I needed, it is a black lacquer finish, not something else that is going to bubble up when I spray new paint on. Bad thing is that I'll need to wait for warm weather to spray!
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Can a veneer be covered with a different coloring agent - paint, lacquer? I currently have a loudspeaker, cherry veneer sides, felt front and back. Any suggestions would be welcomed