Anyone Ever Heard A Yamaha DSP 7 Channel System

I took a Yamaha RX V1 70 pound 7.1 balls to the walls receiver in on trade on some high end gear.
I have made a lot of friends in 35 years in this hobby.
A few of them SWEAR that once you hear a properly implemented Yamaha DSP system, you don't know what you are missing.
The Yamaha is different in that it has front effect channels, and a 32 or 48 bit DSP.

I remember playing back in the early 80's with a 3 channel Mac Preamp and an ADS model 10 digital time delay.

I had 5 mirage bookshelves at the time, 3 across the front, and 2 on the side walls for the Haas effect.

The 3 channel preamp allowed widely spaced left/right speakers, and the time delay gave "you are there" imaging.

I know, I know, I am a 2 channel guy too with B&W 801's and all the separate goodies .....

DSP has gotta suck, right ??

But WHO has actually tried it, with an open mind, and properly implemented ?

I would like to hear some experience with it ?
I have no experience with that specific unit but Yamaha builds good quality equipment capable of delivering good (maybe even great) surround sound to enjoy while watching a movie.

Maybe it's just me, but I actually prefer a softer presentation for movies than the typical bombastic, over driven and bass heavy sound that's frequently shown for purpose of making a sale.

Then again, I find the theatres here in my market so distorted and loud, it's literally a blessing to spin a Blue Ray and listen here at home.