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Your choice of the most "inert" cabinets ?
I agree with bdp24 the best cabinet is none, others can include Bent and Formed Laminations, I have seen fabricated steel used, Celestion used Aerolam , an aluminium honeycombed laminated material. Cast concrete is fun and not to mention an easy f... 
wilson sophia 2 I need informations
Another way is to purchase a Thread Gauge which is not expensive and use a Thread Chart easily found on the net. Most USA manufacture will be UNC or UNF. 
I heard the $4000 Focal Utopia Headphones yesterday
I personally wouldn't get too paranoid about it, The women I referred to worked in an electro-plating plant handling and wiring components all day long. There are many potentially toxic materials in all our lives that are potentially worse. The be... 
I heard the $4000 Focal Utopia Headphones yesterday
Is Berylium hazardous?,  An old engineer friend recalled that during the second world war he worked for Elliot Automation in England building the Lancaster bombers. Women were handling beryllium plated instrument parts bare handed, then falling of... 
Avid Acutus Record Clamp leaving marked "ring" on record label
I saw this so maybe it will help- the use of some thin felt or similar between the clamp and the record label to reduce wear and scuffing.  
Inexpensive speaker cables
Which Nordost speaker cable do you have, knowing what your familiar with  may help . 
Question for sub woofer users
With my Quad 2905's I use two Rel B2 subs, started with one in the suggested corner position but realised eventually that two subs is the way to go.The quads were positioned according the Nordost one thirds recommendation and subs using Cardas set... 
Best Sounding Computer Audio Player For PC
Spencer, hard to pin down why, could be that Fire Wire is better than USB, or the USB interface in the Dac8 is inferior to the Weiss interface, maybe even the addition of a extra clocking between server and Dac . the volume control within the Weis... 
Best Sounding Computer Audio Player For PC
lostbears,                The Dac8 is better via AES. I also use Foobar with the DSD plugin, then Fire Wire to a Weiss INT202 interface then AES to the Dac8 this provides me with bit perfect checking and remote volume control. The Dac8 runs direct... 
Best Capacitors for Crossovers
There is  this option, Charge Coupled Crossovers-  
Must speakers have certain volume to sound convincing ?
I've found that different recordings have a loudness sweet spot where it sounds right, Peter Walker of Quad fame said this many years ago.That sense of aliveness with all its tonal colours and dynamic shading is gold when it isn't driving me from ... 
Mark Levinson Camac cables
Thats it, add the cable value to the connectors, that should put you in the ball park.The purchaser of you Levinson amps may want those cables. 
Mark Levinson Camac cables
Saw this here , thought it may help -  
Transformer for VTL 2.5
I had an issue similar to you some years ago, I took the offending transformer to a Transformer Rewinder. They'll strip off the old windings and screen if there is one and rebuild it.You'll have to do a search for someone in your general area to d... 
Supratek Chardonnay 7 Pin Umbilical Cord Power Supply
This may help , send an [email protected]