What is the worst colour of speaker finish to you?

I saw Rockport speakers in pink-and-white finish.
This colour I hate for anything. Not only speakers.
I could not even stand seeing the Mary Kay's company pink Cadillacs!
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Imagine old Vandersteen 4's(size of a small fridge)Grateful Dead style tie died!
Who really cares? This is a good website, but the increasing number of banal posts such as this is getting old.
I hate black woodgrain finishes. Why make something look like wood and then color it black, unless you're Brian Jones.
Tswhitsel, I entirely agree that this website is good but in reality I posted this post in responce to the best colour finish that was posted previousely that I believe also banal. As if you can find out most of the mass posts are banal that state best of something or worst of something. Don't take it so hard buddy!;)
Reading so called "Banal post" is a bit like pornography. You have a choice whether to read it or not. Marakanetz original question made me smile.
I got a chuckle seeing this topic following the best color thread. But what do you mean? Visually or sonically? ;>)
I recall some home-made speakers boxes a friend did in college that used very "large particle" particle board. Enough to make one hurl. Especially after his cat rubbed up againt the unfinished edges with the resulting tufts of fur sticking out all over the place!

The loud colors of the AG horns are not at all my cup-o-tea.
Something we both agree on......
Black woodgrain. Nrchy is absolutely right.

Going a bit further ... what about the speaker grills? Why black so often? Dacor camouflage would be nice. Something to blend in with the surroundings and improve WAF. Pastels and browns perhaps .... hmmm, pick your style for your surroundings??? ;-)
I always figured SOME people prefer black for reasons of their own taste. I alwyas though tit a shame to cover GOOD wood with black. Kinda like painting over otherwise good oak flooring. Sometimes I think it is license to use cheaper and/or inferior grained woods.
wood with grain painted flat black ala Dunlavy. A shame could have been light oak if just stained instead.
Actually, part of the reason for the black stain is to cover up a botched attempt at another stain!! I was told this once when asking about B-stock Dunlavys, that there were fewer of them since the black ash finish came into being! As for my feelings on speakers, since mine are black ash I like 'em just fine (actually they work better in my room and on these speakers than a nicer woodgrain), but there are some automobile finishes from Wilson (I'm talking the Ferrari yellow and red, not the titanium or black gloss) that I'm not too crazy about. And sometimes even the nicest of veneers might not work on a speaker because the speaker is too small to show the full grain pattern of the wood (think of an Infinity IRS's Santos Rosewood finish on a mini-monitor).
The new trend towards "automotive" finishes-paint- really turns my stomach. Look at Revel, beautiful cabinetwork destroyed with paint. I prefer natural finishes of the wood used for the cabinets.
Lipstick Black.
That HotRod version of a Meadowlark--didn't they have flames or something on it? I thought it was tacky as hell (no pun intended: I didn't catch it 'til I finished the next paragraph).

Regarding the "banalness"--I do find these threads more interesting though than ones asking which cables to get, or any other pseudo-scientific product that has insignificant increase in sound performance. And with these threads opinions are ok.
The orange marble finish of Green Mountain speakers gets my vote, pretty disgusting.

The Avant Garde horns are really over the top as well. Taylor made some really ugly yellow speakers a year or so ago. Flames are ridiculous.

For what it's worth, I like black woodgrain.
I own some Proklaim II's that are fabulous speakers but must admit they have a face (finish) that only an audiophile could love. Sort of a gray granite look and shaped like an outdoor rock speaker. But they do play music!!