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Building your own enclosures
I'm working on a Seas Thor right now. Got mine from zalytron.com (madisound.com carries it too) 
Ported, Sealed or Transmission Line
Is one inherently better than the other?That question's answer is (IMHO) no. But, they do have real differences and performance tradeoffs, and other tradeoffs.  
Ported, Sealed or Transmission Line
Check your local library and they'll usually have a few books on the topic. Weems' (David) might be better for what you need to know: just to get some general insight. The tone of the book is still quite contemporary despite looking 10years outdat... 
What is "slope"???
I think 1st is 6 db (decibal) an octave roll-off, 2nd is 12, 3rd is 18, and 4th is 24db an octave roll-off. That's the slope at which the signal is rolling-off With 90 degrees phase shift on each one going up also. 
What ratio of power in tri-amp system ?
http://sound.westhost.com/bi-amp.htmThis article gives some formulas, along with others on the site. Input gains being matched along with proper power output matching are the key criteria along with each drivers sensitivity in order to get a flat ... 
cal DX1 processor vs CAl Gamma or Creek
The DAC in the DX-1 is the same as the Gamma--or at least there was something similar. 
klipsch kg4's have no kick in the mid, need mods
-most you can do w/ klipsch if they're floorstanders is deaden the cabinets with dynammat (have done on epic series and made improvement in LF)-sunfire is not the best sub for music, get another, m&k, etc. 
Where does imaging come from?
"the studio engineer creates the imaging effect"I didn't think the engineer did much (creating) on purist recordings like Pope's and Telarc. They set the two good mike's up properly (to capture the imaging) and it went straight to the master (how ... 
The Fastest most musical amp
The slew rate is the measure of an amplifiers ability to respond quickly (fast) to the musical signal. It is interpretive based on the power of the amp: a 50 wpc unit can have a lower slew rate than a 100 wpc unit and still be "sufficient". There'... 
Power Amp Tweaking
MY AMP, IS ON THE CARPETED FLOOR RIGHT NOWVentilation might be something you need to address. It does need proper airflow for cooling. 
Van Alstine vs. Red Rose/Audioprism preamps
"I know they're in different price categories"I don't know the price of the Red Rose, but isn't one factory direct (ava) and the other marked up maybe, thru another middle man (red rose)? Ava also has a drabber faceplate/housing (not as fancy as r... 
Loudspeaker DIY Kits any suggestions???
You might want to specify a little more: like how much $$$ you want to burn. Also, a local cabinet maker could probably do a very good job with most designs if you can't/don't want to do it yourself--to give your more options. www.zalytron.com doe... 
Recommended Ribbon Speaker Cables
It might not be an issue, but some of those "ribbon" or flat cables can have really high capacitance (like Goetz). And 20 ft. of it might send the amp into oscillation (=dead). Be careful. 
Bookshelf or floorstander?
http://www.birotechnology.com/FAQ/boxsize.html#floorstandThis article talks some about bookshelf/monitor v. floorstanding design."I'm wondering if it is easier to integrate a sub with a more full range speaker, than with a bookshelf that may only ... 
Anyone Tri-amped a Definitive Technology CLR3000?
1). Consult owner's manual for triamping: this should answer some of your questions as it relates to hook-up. If you don't have an owner's manual a)check manuf. website for it online b)request one from manuf. c) request copy from someone on www2)....