Has anyone tried refinishing your speakers.....

I have a slightly roughed up Sonus Fabers (walnut) and I would like to refinish them if possible, anyone tried something this ambitious before?


Planing to stick with the original finish of course...
For a speaker of that quality I would consider a professional refinisher because I don't trust my capabilties in this area. A good refinisher can do an amazing job including make them look brand new and completely like the original.
I can't speak to Sonus Fabers, but I had asked Thiel about this when I had some old CS3s that I wanted to sand down and stain darker. The thing with Thiels, and many speakers, is that the veneer is so thin that you're taking the chance of going through it to the underlying cabinet if you start working on it--as a result, Tom Thiel suggested I not do it. Not sure how thick the Sonus Faber wood is, but it appears quite substantial. I think you should contact Sonus Faber and ask, they're quite proud of their cabinet work, they can probably give you a good deal of help.
I have done it many times and it is really not that hard to do..Just need to use the proper technique to remove old finish...putting on a new finish is pretty easy also..Just need patience..............If the wood finish has deep scratches its also an option to have them painted at an Auto Paint shop...Put on a nice Lexus Silver or Burgandy.........You have plenty of options just need to pick the right one to fit your budget.........
Well I have lost of patience when it comes to this stuff.
Its SOLID wood and I believe I dont need to sand down too deep, just the top layer since the grains are still there, thats the way I like them.

No paint on these babes, the natural look is to die for.
Thanks and please feel to recommend any links for refinishing them.
Hi Ravi,
Remember you'll have to remove the multiple coats of lacquer to get to the wood!
You can attempt it yourself & if it does not come out right, then have them done by a pro.
I know that I would not attempt this myself on my Strad's.
It's like sending a Ferrari to Maaco for a paint job.
Wish you the best.
What about having a kitchen guy place a veneer on them?
Thanks Paladin,

Well I am glad its not the Strad's, the newer Fabers are tougher to work I would say, I have the original Electa family, the original rustic walnut and I believe I should be able to turn this into a classic piece. I still love to sound and looks of them so.....thats why the effort is needed.

I will post some of the before and after for sure, thanks.
As a woodworker and audio junkie I have looked at doing it and the one advice I can give you is do not sand the veneer. As mentioned above it is too thin. Use a scraper available at Woodcraft, Lee Valley, Rockler and the sort all with web sites. Scrape in the direction of the grain and that will remove the varnish layer and leave the stain.
You may want to re stain to unify the color, then just apply the sealer and topcoat of your choice.