Upgrade sugestion please

So i have a pair of paradigm studio 20v5(sealed),separate around 2 inches from the back wall(is all as possible) matched with a martin Logan sub(sealed), my room is around 11x21x,10 and is a bright room. I like most of the presentation except for the highs which are a bit grainy and bright. I tried the signature s2v3 in my room ,although it was too bright, I love how clean it was the beryllium tweeter.
so basically I am looking to eliminate the harsh and sibilance sound on my next speakers. Don’t care too much on bass because the sub will handle them.
So based on reviews and forums I think that the atc scm 7v3 is the solution, but I wonder if the Kef would be a better choice (livelier, funnier)
My fears from each one are:
Atc,: maybe too laid back? Less detail compared with the paradigm?lesser live presentation, image, ,?
Kef: is an aluminum tweeter as the paradigm! Probably not as clean as I want ? Less clean than the atc?
As a reference I have heard some totems the dreamcatcher, the hawk , too bright for me, the element line was great tough, but out of my budget, and for me it doesn’t worth those price anyway.
So please I need opinions from people have experience with them.
Btw I will improve to a emotiva a300 amplifier in any case. (Considering also the parasound a23 and nuprime sta9)

Sorry, the ls50, also my sweet spot is 9 feet from each speaker  and they are positioned back on the smaller wall, thanks
If have I to choose between this two I would defently buy the ATC which consider to be very neutral and natural a little bit on the analytical side but very good overall.
Regarding the KEF LS50 I didn’t listen to them but if you Google on other forums there are many owners that were disappointed from them ,they don’t handle bass very well, don’t go deep enogh on the low frequencies  and tend to be very bright.
I have been reading about the p3er, looks very good, my concern is also that it has an aluminum tweeter, so I am worried about the metallic sound  the sizzling and harsh, I want a very clean sound, also I have read that this harberth is not recommend with rock music, which I hear, most classic rock, 70,80,90, can you tell me about the sound on the harbeth p3er tweeters?
I once owned the studio 20 v. 4. I agree that they might be too bright in a lively room. What amp are you using now? Regarding your amp upgrade, you might start another thread once you have found speakers. I believe, based on past threads I have followed, that the Emotiva a300 may prove to be a more forward and brighter amp than the Parasound a23. 

Good luck in your search.
I’ve never had any problem with any type of music including rock. I am not aware of this metallic sound that you are describing.
Another nice speaker that I have owned is the Spendor 3/5r2,which is a little more laid back than the Harbeth.

consider a pair of B&W 805 speakers. The Parasound a23 would make a very fine upgrade.
Thanks for your comments, right now I'm using a parasound zamp v3, I think is a balanced amp just not enough current for an atc or kef ls 50  I think
yogiboy, are you using a sub with the Harbeths? Do you think they make decent bass on their own if placed near room corners, of course on stands?
I tried a few subs.I like them better without them.  I find the bass is outstanding on these little guys.
Harbeth is excellent with classic rock. With hard rock and metal there are other speakers that can be rock harder though the smoother and forgiving Harbeth can actually be a good thing.

You can actually fit a SHL5 in that room though a safe choice would be the P3ESR and Compact 7ES3, if considering a Harbeth. The M30.1 is the warmest speaker in the Harbeth line with very nice vocals. However, it’s not a good all-rounder when compared to the other Harbeth speakers, in my opinion.

The ATC SCM7s are sealed boxes and will sound lightweight in the bass when compared to the fuller sounding Harbeth. Best if you can listen to both as the ATC and Harbeth sound quite different.

You need to build a system, not buy components. Your room can handle a bigger speaker than a stand mount. If you buy these 2 components, they'll make your current system sound broken. You won't need to use subs either. Get them maybe as a future upgrade. Also, the Vandersteen's have some unique features that helps deal with less than optimal placement.  

Vandersteen Model 1

Parasound Halo Integraded amp with dac

I know what you mean about building a system, right now I am happy with my system, I have been building it for around tree years, I have a oppo 103, anthem avm 20 as preamp and a mix of xlo and audio sensibility cables, and the parasound zamp v3. I enjoy it but I want to improve on highs, I want the cleaner highs
I agree , you should consider floor standing Speakers with the right choice you will not need a sub.
Don't buy the Emotiva there're nuch better options for amp upgrade. 
Brightness is coming from your source most likely.  The speakers are just passing the signal along.

Happy Listening. 
Have you done all you can to acoustically treat your room? I dont see any absorbion panels on your walls.
The thing is... My wife doesn’t allowed me to put them, still I put some carpet panels on the ceiling which help a lot , but I doubt I can do more. But i kind of get used to it with this speaker, that’s why I’m looking for a mid scale speaker.the soundstage is not a priority As the neutrality and clean highs are.
Bigkidz, I dont think is the source, as Mentioned I tried the paradigm signature and the harsh disappeared , as clean as I want! The problem is that they are too forward and its higher dispersion was too much for the room, from mids to highs the bouncing was annoying I know the room acoustics is a problem , but I have to find a speaker that get benefits of it, so I think that maybe a polite speaker as the atc scm 7 is a good choice?
If you’re looking for a polite speaker, the Spendor 3/5R2 should fit the bill!


I have a friend who just recently had the same speakers that you do, and he replaced them with a pair of Bryston Middle T's. He tells me that the highs, which he though were a bit much, as you seem to as well, have been rectified with the Brystons. Food for though.

Thanks crazy eddy, I read about them, looks nice, but out of my budget , maybe will consider the mini A. Still their frequency response is not as flat as the ATC, which is a characteristic I'm looking
You should check out the Watkins Generation 4 bookshelf size speaker; the Harbeth P3ESR comes nowhere near the Watkins speaker. I know this because I've compared them and was shocked at how bad the Harbeths sounded.