Tidal free trial subscription

I subscribed for a 30 day free trial for Tidal and opted for 6 month payment plan for $101.94. The website clearly says, '30 day free trial' under that plan. I subscribed on May 7th and cancelled on May 29th. My credit card has been charged $101.94. I have not seen any refund and so, I sent an email inquiry. Guess what?  Sergio from Support says, there is no refund because I signed up for the 6 month plan. My main reason for cancellation was lack of many of the albums of many artists I like (unlike Spotify where I could get most of them).
The "refund policy" details are even more interesting. If you dispute the charges with credit card company and they are able to prove their case, they will charge your credit card for the expense and what not beyond the subscription charge. Never heard such policy, not sure it is legal anyway.
Has anyone had experience like this?
Be careful if you intend to deal with Tidal!
By the way, there is very minor difference between Tidal and Spotify when the latter is set up for "Extreme" streaming. This set up needs to be manually done, it is not standard or "Normal" streaming.

I concur with your assessment of Tidal's library, as well as their sound quality compared to Spotify. (Though I am sure others will disagree).
I think you should contact your CC company and explain the situation. I don't think you should be charged if you cancel within the 30 day trial and if you have the receipts, then I think you will be in the clear.
You could always go on the Tidal forum and see if others have experience the same situation.
PS- How do you get 'extreme' on Spotify?
Strange as every tune or album I or a visitor have ever wanted to hear I have played in Tidal. Plus its sounds so much better than Spotify. I have been asked to find some pretty obscure stuff and always came up with it in Tidal.

I am a big fan of Tidal, but can understand it is possible another will not experience it the same way. You should get your money back for sure.
Once you are in Spotify site, go to 'my music' at the bottom right. Upper right hand corner, there is 'setting' a wheel like icon. Click that. Then go to 'music quality'. It gives you choices and choose 'extreme'. If you want to download, it takes long time just like Tidal does, but streaming is more or less unchanged.
thanks for the comments.
As for quality difference between Tidal and Spotify, unless you go to 'extreme' setting, there is definite difference, I agree. Not much when you go extreme on Spotify.
I see. I have not heard the Extreme option. Interesting. 
I'm prefer Tidal. Spotify extreme quality is 320 kbps, Tidal hi-fi streams flac at 1411 kbps. 
I have a Tidal subscription as well a Spotify Premium subscription. Can anyone say whether Spotify Extreme is something different than the "High Quality Streaming (Premium Only)" that’s being provided to me? I run Spotify on a MacBook Air and also from an iPhone. Thanks for your input.
So not getting into Spotify vs Tidal, I am a happy Tidal user myself, the issue with the 30 free trial and not getting a refund makes sense to me. Essentially once you sign up for the paid service your 30 day free trial has ended, so I understand them not issuing a refund. The part about a CC dispute and extra charges also doesn't seem terribly unreasonable if you're running a subscription service, it's a deterrent from people disputing charges for no good reason. Curious what artists you were looking for and unable to find?
Hi Jond,
The website clearly says, 30 day free trial. Nowhere does it say, you will be charged immediately or that if you pay now, no free trial. One cannot start trial period without giving out credit card. Credit cards are almost always required when you sign up for almost all "trial subscriptions" and if one cancels before trial period is over, refund is issued. Or, some of the companies, charge credit card only after the trial period is over.
i found only two albums by Eilen Jewell and none by ChipTaylor/Carrie Rodriguez.
Understood and yes you are certainly due a refund. It may just take a couple of days. Let's us know how this turns out please. 
you said 
" If you want to download, it takes long time just like Tidal does"
There is no downloading in Tidal, only streaming

Again I understand that there is a 30 day free trial period. But again before it was over you signed up for a 6 month subscription, ending the trial. It also begs the question why didn't you investigate the artists you were interested before you made a 6 month commitment? Isn't the trial period for finding out if you like the service before signing up? Giving them a CC # doesn't matter either way, you told them to charge you for six months and they did so.
As far as Tidal is concerned, I had to cancel my trial. Compare Al Di Meola's albums on Spotify vs Tidal and there is a big difference as of two months ago. I'll join when their catalog is larger. I understand your reason for cancelling but not the reason for no refund. It's worth fighting. 
Only use real records and real cds so this will never happen to me.Good luck though.
Hi ebm,
you are right, neither Tidal nor Spotify come close to my analog/lp sound. It is just for convenience of not needing to get up to change lp or cd when comfortable in my recliner. I tend to listen to lp more than any other format.
After I scanned copy of their website indicating policy about the free trial to Tidal, they want to offer me additional 30 days! Not interested, I am going to CC with dispute.
jond, you need to visit the website and then tell me if I am wrong.
Giri, I find Tidal when used with Roon and my rig sounds as good or  better ( Masters) than spinning the same CDs or ripped CDs. Again this is with my set-up.  
Tidal website states minimum charge for the 6 month plan is $101.94
Spotify Extreme = 320 kbps   Tidal HiFi = 1411 kbps
More than a minor difference.
I just found out the 'high quality' setting on PC is the same as 'extreme quality' on Mac or Android.
@jond .
I paid for a subscription in order to access the high quality sound they advertise, it was only after trying to find specific works by major classical composers did I realize the Tidal catalog has a lot to be desired. So, I can understand why the OP paid for a subscription.
Well just got CJ ET5 preamp its my first remote controlled preamp it is pretty nice i must admit.
congrats ebm albeit a little off-topic, wrong thread perhaps?
Initially I tried Tidal thru the trial period, decided not to pursue, and they were easy to deal with. Eventually decided to go back for it, integrated with Roon and HQPlayer and have been very happy with how it works and the sound I get.
Hi , sorry to hear about your experience . I've been using Tidal for about 18 months . They lack artists like Bob Seger, Metallica ( Big Surprise 😆). Many of the classic rock bands I listen to , have their catalogs butchered . Missing entire albums and material available on one album , but not playable on another . I also avoid the home page because I dislike Ghetto/crime music . Sorry to those offended , but I have CPTSD from working 25 years in level 4 institutions . As a rock fan , I know who invented and refined my music and I honor and appreciate their culture . Whoops , off topic . Also I had trouble getting the Credit Union Visa to clear the bank each month . So my solution is to pay monthly with Pay-Pal and stick to my playlists and selected albums . I run a decent DAC and low powered SEP tubes and am happy with the sound quality . And even though I'm a narrow minded ass , I really enjoy the suggested artists links and the ability to sample music from a musically diverse planet . Thank you , to all you AUDIO HEADS , because I know very little and rely on you're guidance to learn . Except my emotional problems , I use my shrink . But if I get past my stuff , I'm spending all that extra money on cables . Happy Listening , Challenged Mike .  
I signed up for the 30 day trial and then bought the 6 month subscription a week later.  Got the 30 day trial and then my subscription was charged after that.
I find it hard to believe a true audiophile would bither with either. I trued them. The bass on Tidal is worse thsn a Shure V15 on stacked Advents. Both are severely lacking in sound quality. Listening is OK, AND i di have XM radio for hearing relatively random jazz and folk as background music, but all the above pale compared to a good CD recording.
Tidal sounds fabulous with the right set up. It is all about implementation. I use Roon with Tidal. No doubt it sounds as good and sometimes better than my spinning CDs. I am able to compare and Tidal, in my rig, does not take a backseat to CDs in any way sonically. Just much more convenient.

Need to be sure your streamer, dac, USB, and Ethernet cable are top quality. The Ethernet cables matters in a big way folks and you don’t need to spend big money! Don't  use those older unshielded CAT 5 cables etc... use CAT 7 and 8. Supra makes good ones as well as Terra Grand.
I am with grannyring here Tidal on my system sounds fantastic and really the overall quality of the master used seems to be the determining factor in sound quality vs my cd rips. No ethernet cables here totally wireless the chain is Aries Mini> Jorma Design digital cable>Audio Note Dac-3 Signature. Streaming Count Basie's "Afrique" right now and it sounds fantastic!
My Tidal sounds great too. But my CDP sounds better when my Wyred4Sound Sonos is unplugged 
my son who is a student signed up for a student subscription they continue to charge him full amount despite letting them know half a dozen times they make it very difficult So he has decided to cancel the subscription
For a better classical catalog than Tidal, try Qobuz.  In fact, quite different selection with music not allowed to be streamed in the US.
It's a hassle to get in at first, but you can find your way through with a bit of work.  Once in you select English and most is translated.  For a bit more $$ you can stream high res and download at a discount.  Better sound than Tidal's limited MQA menu.  Use Audrivana to play both and with great sound, better than either alone.  
Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.
At OP, 
Did you ever get Tidal to reimburse you?
Not yet, I have 'dispute' filed with credit card.
I liked Tidal at first but never was able to get the highest resolution despite trying multiple configurations.  I was paying a premium for that but getting no real benefit.  
Picked up Tidal basic a few months ago, I enjoy it for casual listening and searching for new artists that I may want to purchase on CD or LP in the future. 
i got Cat8 Ethernet cable and it makes a very significant difference. Thanks for advice.
I'm prefer Tidal. Spotify extreme quality is 320 kbps, Tidal hi-fi streams flac at 1411 kbps.

I was about to subscribe to Spotify too but then I saw this.
@audiblez33, I would subscribe to Spotify, if I were you.
Spotify has a much better catalog, but if you only like current music, the Tidal would be your 'cuppa'.
FWIW, Spotify might be offering higher definition in the near future. Some members have been given offers for such.

@giri, any developments on the refund?

Great to hear!