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Vintage Amps for Thiel 1.5
When I had Thiels I used a Forte 4A. Pure claas A amp 50 wpc into 8 ohms and 100 wpc into 4 ohms also in Class A. Also the Forte 6 is very good an A/B amp 200 wpc into 8 ohms and 350 wpc into 4 ohms. The first ten watts are Class A. 
Kell showcase or anthem avm50
I purchased a used Krell Showcase about 10 years ago and it's still going strong. I'm using a Cambridge Audio BD 752 for movies. The Krell doesn't have HDMI but I use the 7.1 analog from the BD player w/excellent results. My amps have balanced out... 
Tube integrated
I would check out the Conrad Johnson CAV-45. American made and right in your price range. CJ has a long tradition of quality tube equipment. 
Thiel Owners
Strata has a great in depth interview w/Tom Thiel today. Agreat read. 
Getting into tubes
I would look at the Rogers 65V-1. Excellent integrated w/a lifetime warranty. Self biasing and can use either EL-34 or KT-88 tubes. When you order you tell them what tube you want. When Roger was at my dealers store he said if there is a problem w... 
Thiel Owners
The Thiel website has expired. How are we going to get our Aurora wireless speakers??? 
Thiel Owners
Check out the interview on today. Great interview w/Rob Gillum. The company will be called the Coherent Source Service Center. They will also work on restoring cabinets too. Excellent article. 
Preamp - Processor for 2 channel music
I'm using a Luxman CL38U-SE for 2 channel listening. I have a Krell Showcase for HT. For the Krell I use the balanced outputs for movies. When I want to listen to music I hit the switch on my Bryston 2.5 SST2 amp to RCA connections that go to the ... 
Luxman CL38U-SE in the house
J Fant it's breaking in nicely. Horns full and detailed but not edgie. Soundstage is wide going outside the speakers. Piano full and detailed from top to bottom. . Vocals are large and a bit on the warm side. The all tube phono is excellent and ve... 
Thiel is officially closed!!
Great to see there are still some real pros at Thiel. 
Thiel is officially closed!!
Is Gary Dayton leaving Bryston?? 
Slovakia JJ ECC 802 and 803 tubes.
Thanks for your input on Shuguang and Psvane tubes. They were not on my radar. The CL-38 SE is sounding very sweet w/the current tubes but after more break in I'm going to look into these tubes. 
Slovakia JJ ECC 802 and 803 tubes.
Currently my preamp has less than 50 hours so I'd like to put some break in time before re-tubing. I had a Gold Lion 6922 tube in my former CJ ET3 SE and liked it very much. Being the preamp uses both 12ax & 12au tubes should I stick w/the sam... 
Slovakia JJ ECC 802 and 803 tubes.
Tube Depot sells the JJ 802 & 803 and is used in the SE version. Luxman mentions the difference in their specs. 
ELAC Uni-fi - All Hype??
Maybe you were thinking of Phil Jones of Platinum Audio and currently AAD.