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On-Line Concerts for the Virus Age
Alice Cooper Live from Austin, for me a top three rock band along with Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, and MUSE, Live from the Olympic Stadium in Rome, a band I normally can barely tolerate for a song or two.   
How do you sort your LPs?
1- Genre2- Artist by Alphabet 
When Did Your System Disappear?
     It first happened when I went from my (Shure V-15) Crown IC150, and Phase Linear 400 driven stacked Advents to Audire electronics, (Supex 900 Mark IV cartridge), driven B&W's, followed by gradual enhancements over the decades with upgrade... 
How far away from your speakers are you?
      My dual Audire dual mono powered amps feed older B&W 803 II Matrix speakers on 10", time aligned positioned subs a bit over 2 feet from the back wall of windows, 4 1/2  feet apart in a 12 foot wide room that is 9 feet deep,  The speaker/... 
Is this where AudiogoN is heading,
It is mystifying that such a large number of replies are coming from people who are commenting and complaining that we should talk about audio, rather than about troll like responses.  I do include this comment. 
Has anyone else auditioned something that really was terrible?
Auditioning for "pirates..." counts on any of my worst lists, even bicycles. 
Is it all worth it?
When I sit back and listen to something from my babied selection of LP's, especially when it is not available on CD's, I am happy.  Since I spent half a century perfecting my system with multiple, switchable, sub crossovers form matched amps and p... 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
Anyone who picks a country is delusional. 
Sales or clearances happening now
I suppose there are some people who have lost their jobs who own something we might want to try out, and who have a need for cash.  Presumably, we would not be akin to ambulance chasing lawyers, but good Samaritans helping those in need.   
Power Conditioners---old electrics in my house.
If, and only if, you have an old house with crappy wiring, or a non-dedicated circuit with other things cycl9ing on and off, AND have amps without something in the design to gradually fill the big filter caps, a power conditioner might do somethin... 
The shocking truth about speakers
A lot of people really do not like the brand of speakers I have owed since the 1070.s, B&W.l Yes, I have owned others, Maggies, Electrostatics, etc., but I have not been without my B&W's.  Upgrades over the years, certainly, but I would ne... 
Has anyone else auditioned something that really was terrible?
Someone noted that he was surprised by the fact one of us did not like a KEF LS50 speakers.  After all, reviewer Steve Gutenberg uses them as a reference.  In a YouTube video. Nelson Pass shows his reference speakers, stating that they are not his... 
Has anyone else auditioned something that really was terrible?
Oh yeah:  Any early CD player. 
Has anyone else auditioned something that really was terrible?
The biggest issue with B&W's, other than price, is that  they reveal just how mediocre most electronics and recordings are.  I love the B&W's with diamond tweeters, and wish I has some.   Most manufacturers try to mask anomalies, but this ... 
Has anyone else auditioned something that really was terrible?
       Someone mentioned the 1970's McIntosh triangular speakers.  When I was a old enough to work summer jobs, my friend and I were shopping for stereos.  We went to the Mac dealer in north Fort Lauderdale and heard them at only the second high e...