The Music Room is Hiring - Audio Repair Tech Wanted

We have a couple of positions open including a full-time repair tech - feel free to share:
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If you feel that way, perhaps you're right and we can remove it. "TechTalk" struck me as a relevant community to reach out to with this particular position. I understand that this is not a job-board and certainly don't want to abuse the intent of the forum. Just thought that those who frequent this channel might be just the folks who might know that hard-to-find person with just the right qualifications for this unique position. Let me know if I'm off-base, and I'll gladly delete.

I don't see any problem with it.  I've never seen The Music Room trying to use the forums to promote sales (unlike some other very annoying vendors) and there are a lot of pretty technical people on these forums.  This might be someone's dream gig.
I agree as well. They are posting an audio related question which can result in someone getting a job. And where better to look than an audio exchange. Good luck to any techs seeking work, with the decline of brick and mortar stores, there must be someone that as lost a job. And good luck to TMR, as techs are becoming more and more difficult to find.
Perhaps , but be very sure you can tolerate the high altitude .When I was at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs the Army posted
some very fit soldiers to other bases because they could not.
Personally , It drove me nuts as the the wind blowing off the front range of the Rockies did so 24/7/365 .
Of course driving me nuts was a small trip.
I live in Denver, there's barely ever heavy wind here (or where TMR is).  The Springs must be particularly bad.  Boulder gets those crazy winds once a month or something.  We used to have to go get our stuff from three houses down the block when I lived below Chautauqua park on the edge of the Flatirons.  Trashcans were always tumbling by...
Yep, I live in Colorado Springs and let me tell you, windy everyday all day.  Horrible traffic, no jobs, high crime rate, horrible air quality, ugly mountains, nothing to do...  horrible biking, hiking, skiing, restaurants and breweries.  No one is into Audio here either.

PLEASE STAY IN CALIFORNIA OR TEXAS... nothing to see here in Colorado

Well said. The lifestyle in Colorado is amazing. Before we moved to the Aspen area (prior to that, uh hum, from California and before that, uh hum, Texas) we didn’t realize how great it would be. Gotta get fit to handle the altitude, drink lots of water, all day...but we are a couple thousand feet higher in altitude than you guys. A great place to live.

Good luck TMR, a great group to do business with.
Before we moved to the Aspen area

Must be tough :-)  I live in Northern Colorado and one of my favorite locations on earth is the Aspen area.  Talk about scenic beauty.  Kinda adds to the backdrop of music listening, huh?
@ghasley, I love Aspen! Been there a couple of times on car rallies (automobili exotica, 303 motorsports, amazing time!!).  Beautiful town and I love Maroon Bells!  The art shows are always a fun time too!

For anyone considering working at TMR, the surrounding areas are really nice.  Boulder is a fun town, as is Golden.  Beautiful mountains, clean air, water you can drink from the tap!  I think Josh would be a good person to work for and Karen is a sweetheart as well (hopefully she is still there).  I like Rob quite a bit as well.  

IMO Colorado is similar to California , a "kooler than thou" race to nowhere .
Schubert, it’s definitely not for everyone!  The best way to experience Colorado is through hiking, biking, skiing, and convertible Porsches on twisty canyon roads.  If thats not your cup of tea, there’s nothing here for you (besides the numerous high end audio dealers and manufacturers, Jeff Rowland / Dunlavy)!

Oh, and there are actually quite a few cool people in So-Cal and Colorado :-)

"kooler than thou" race to nowhere? Man, I haven't experienced or witnessed that at all. What are you referring to? Maybe I am part of the problem to which you refer and just didn't know it! LOL

Where else are so many of the trappings of pretentious formality shoved out the door than Coloarado? It can be expensive to live here (in certain spots) and yet the position being advertised for by TMR can be in Vail/Beaver Creek/Copper Mountain/Keystone/Arapahoe Basin to snow ski in winter or hike/take in the beauty during summer....all in less than 2 hours from metro Denver? Ditto that if they head north to Rocky Mountain national park.

Boots and jeans in fine dining restaurants, alot of fit and healthy lifestyle opportunities here. Anyway, I love my home state as I'm sure everyone does. I take it back, the "kooler than thou" attitude is on full display when someone lands a backflip on the slopes.
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I don’t know about Colorado, but California has a great many different communities. Orange County is very conservative, Reagan/Nixon country. Silicon Valley (San Jose, Cupertino---where I grew up) is very high-tech, of course. Southern California is full of aggressively ambitious people (who move there to "become" someone). Los Angeles has a huge Jewish population, many I knew having moved there from NYC. The center of the State is completely agricultural. Santa Cruz is full of surfers. Some of the best colleges in the country are in California (Stanford, for one), as are many excellent music schools. Palm Desert and Palm Springs are full of gated communities containing second homes of people from all over the U.S. and Canada. ARC’s Bill Johnson’s Winter home was in Desert Wells, which borders on Palm Desert. Painting with a broad brush is silly.
I think you meant Indian Wells and yes, generalizations are generally incorrect.

Oops, right you are @ghastly.

Another thing I should have said is that California, like any and all other States, is comprised primarily of lots and lots of families---mothers, fathers, and children, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, living their lives. Going to work, going to school, shopping at the grocery store, ordering stuff on Amazon, living average lives. I know CA has an image, but it’s an illusion. "Coastal Elites"? That’s a contrived term used to achieve a political objective, not a reality. A tactic to manipulate the easily fooled.

What’s with the hatred, schubert? "Kooler than thou"? How about Holier Than Thou? Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Schubert -

So curious to know where are you from ?
and have you ever been to Colorado?

just wondering...

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2+ years west of Springs near front range .If you like CO great , I thought it was bad place .