Where to buy nice audio chairs / loveseats?


I am in the market for a 2-person audio chair/loveseat.

Requirements are:

* Black leather (nice quality leather)
* adjustable footrest (motor or manual is OK)
* adjustable back
* cupholders
* good head support
* seats 2
* very comfortable

I would want to see / touch it in person before purchasing, so I'm not interested in internet items.

I have found one at best buy for $200 or so, but it looks and feels cheaply made.

My local audio dealer carries Cinematech, which is perfect, except the piece that fits my criteria is more than $5,000.

I'd like to keep it under $2,000 if possible.

I live in the Boston area... does anyone know where I could start to find a good compromise between the two extremes that I have found?

find a Lazyboy showroom..they'll have what you described.
Many stores will have some items of furniture for the Home Theater crowd and thats pretty much more or less what you are after. I would just call around town and ask if the stores in your area carry those sorts of items and go check them out.
First you want as much air around the chairs as possible- no thick padding. Best if legs are exposed and air can pass under the seats. Scan Design or knockoffs with separate ottoman is a good way to go
Ekornos - Stressless are just wonderful chairs, and are just what you are looking for.

I bought two (for me and my wife) about a year ago and have been more than satisfied. Very good for your back and overall well being.


Thanks for the replies...

Larryken - I looked through Lazyboy's online catalog, and didn't see much that was suited to audio/HT. Do you have any specific examples?

Chadnliz - That's a good point (that general furn. stores might have stuff). I've got a plan now to check out Jordan's (BIG furniture store in NE), and see if they would have anything.

Tweak1 - do you know where I would find scan design in the Boston area?

Yashu - Do you know where I would find those in the Boston area? I did a google search for Ekornos Stressline, and got 0 results in google. I also went to ekornos.com, and it was a spam site.
Goatwuss, It's actually ekornes that's why.
>> I did a google search for Ekornos Stressline, and got 0
>> results in google.

you can't type &/or read! :-) :-)
it's "stressless" & NOT "stressline"!
Here is the website address (it's a Norwegian company):
We have a dual reclining loveseat in leather that we bought from LazyBoy this past winter and it's well made and very comfortable. In fact, I've lost track of the times I've fallen asleep in it fully reclined. Not sure of the price, but their higher end leather loveseats run in the $1700.00+ range. Best of all, they are always having "sales" due to the slow housing market and you are likely to get a discount if you are willing to wait a few weeks before ordering.
Hello - Yes! I clearly cannot read.

I looked up the ekornes stuff and it looks VERY nice. Their website is also very professional, and speaks to what I am looking for.

It looks like circle furniture carries this brand, and I'm planning on going down there today.

Thanks for the lazyboy recommendations - but I looked through the online catalog, and that's not really what I'm looking for.