Ten audiophile commandments

What could it be?
So far I came up to one. If it sounds great - begin upgrading.
Are there not enough rules and lists in the world today? How about this? I put "thy" in there just to make it sound "biblical".

Be honest, especially to thy self.
Thou shalt place no gear above music.
Thou Shall Not Hear False Witness
Thou shall listen and ignore all commandments.
Thou shalt not lie to wifey.
Thou shalt never disparage those who waste their money on crazy expensive power cords, upon pain of death
Thou shalt love music, and lust for equipment.
do not pass judgment on other people's components.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife!

This could lead to the liquidation of assets.

ie: No house to house your stereo in, and possibly, nothing but a Ipod!
It might as well be used when I buy it, cause it's sure as hell gonna be used when I sell it.

Happy Halloween!
Thou shalt carefully chose the jeans they wear
when listening to music. A comfortable, quiet denim
w/ low noise floor.

I guess you had to get personal on this. I don't feel like I wasted my money on my powercords. I am very happy with my purchases. The Odin's are fantastic! I am just grateful that I could afford something as frivolous as a $10,000.00 power cable and still have enough left over to buy the speakers I really wanted too. You realize that in your two posts on this thread you wished yourself a painful death, and condemned yourself for lusting after those MG 20.1's. Enjoy the music!
>>10-30-10: Elescher
I guess you had to get personal on this<<

Would thou point this out?

Thee missed thus.

Jeans with low noise floor, right. That's a good one.
Methinks maybe my leg being pulleth.
To paraphrase from Yul Brynner in the movie: "So let it be written" ... It must be true.
Thou thinks 10K for a PC is slightly insane, but hey it's only money.
Thou shall not covet other audiogon members equipments, whether they be audio or otherwise; bigger or otherwise; more power, higher quality, or longer lasting or otherwise!
2) Thou shall not brag about any audio equipments that thou have which are better than those of other audiogon members;

3) Thou shall not make for thyself any DIY audio equipments that thou shall bow down to them and worship them;

4) Thou shall not make wrongful use of the name of any high end audio brand, for Audiogon will not aquit anyone who misuses the name;

5) Thou shall reserve one full day for pure audio pursuit, and for six other days thou shall labor and do all thy work;

6) Thou shall not steal any audio equipment;

7) Thou shall not commit audio adultery - that is having two or more audio components or systems of the same type that you are playing with or listening to;

8) Thou shall not murder any audio equipments, regardless of how much you dislike them, such as slandering or vilifying them on audiogon posting, internet blogs, word of mouth, etc.;

9) Thou shall honor the audio ancestry of thy equipment, so that your audio days may be long and that it may go well with you in audio land that Audiogon is giving you;

10) Thou shall not have any other audio forums other than Audiogon!
Here is one or two for dealers -

thou shall not bad mouth brands just because thou are not a dealer.

thou shall not call oneself a dealer for brand "X" just because thou can somehow get it.

thou shall update record keeping process at least upto 1985 techology. (saving old invoices in a shoe box ? - come on- flea marketeers do a better job - DEETES!!!)
1 - Thou shalt buy the best gear one can afford and not have to covet others .
2 _ thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife , unless she's a music lover and wears short dresses .
11.Thou shalt listen to live music to achieve perspective and for pure enjoyment
11b. Thou shalt not curse the audience for coughing, whispering, and opening candy wrappers
1. Thou shalt not worship the false god Bose
2. When moving Thou shalt pack and move 1000lbs of LP's forever or at least until high res digital satisfies thee
3. In case of fire Thou shalt save all family members and pets before any stereo equipment
A componant with a blown cap shall be deemed unclean and must leave the rack for a period of seven days.
Thou shalt not possess an IPOD
Thou shalt not have Mid-Fi before me
Thou shalt never be happy with thy gear
Thou shalt not commit Audultry
thou shall not raise up voice against The One True Hierarchy of Audio. Be content in the knowledge that The Hierarchy describes with neither error nor flaw the loftiest domains of heaven and the most debase bardos of hell:
Reel to reel
File-based anything...

Thou, or, better yet, YOU, shall shut the f...k up when the needle hits the groove.
Oregon, I hope you didn't mean I should do that when my needle hits the groove.
Inna, that was classic, well played.
Thou shalt chill out and listen for god's sake.
So sayeth the shepard, so sayeth the flock.
Spend cash talk trash.
Thou shalt not refer to records as "vinyls".

(thank you )
Thou shall spend big bucks on the system.
It is better to have stereo equip. in times of no money than money in times of no stereo equip.
Mine pertain to Swampwalker but are valid for all humans:

* Thy shall not wear only a speedo and rollerblades, especially in public

* Even if thou are stupideth enough to wear only a speedo and rollerblades in public, do noteth, under any circumstances, add insulteth to injuryeth and wear tights underneath when it is coldeth

* Dinner doth not consist of a bottle of Wild Turkey and a bucket of crawfish

* Thy shall take a bath and washeth thou smelly self and speedo at leasteth once a month, whether thou thinketh thy needeth it or not

* Thou shall not wash oneself by licking oneself like a cat, even if it lowers thy waterbill
Noble100, I like your last one. On the other hand, someone else washing you by licking should be permitted. To lower the waterbill.
Mine pertain to Swampwalker but are valid for all humans:
Noble100- I was wondering why you left yourself out, but then I read #4 ;~)

BTW, all self-respecting 'Goners know bourbon & crustaceans are for lunch, not dinner!
Thou shall focus on music more than another stupid list. There is nothing here that hasnt been done over and over. You doubt me? Do a search.

Noble100, I like your last one. On the other hand, someone else washing you by licking should be permitted. To lower the waterbill.

Yes, I agree as long as'someone else" excludes farm animals. Swampwalker is abnormally fond of them. Local police have hauled out an ark full of farm animals from his house over the years after frequent calls due to strange noises emanating from his compound. Many of the responding officers are still in counseling trying to recover from what they witnessed.

Oh no, no farm animals.
Swampwalker, what is he talking about?
In any case, I suspect that police officers are not quite prepared for many kinds of audiophile sophistication.
Thou shall not consider hip-hop/techno admissible forms of music.
Thou shall not listen past 100db.

Thou shall not listen to any powercord included with a component.

Thou shall tweek.

Though shall proselytize others in the way of audiophilia.

There is only 1 Mark Levinson.
1) Have fun.
2) Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow audiophiles.
My first commandment would be: When in doubt, check the Gon. :D