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Most educational audition you ever had?
the first audition of the quad esl. to this day that speaker comes closest to the real thing. 
Where do audiophiles retire?
i get it.incidentally, i was also a collector of antique swords, clocks and telescopes, many years ago. 
Where do audiophiles retire?
i was not meant to cast aspersions regarding non audio topics, but rather to suggest that people are unique in their pursuit of their hobbies.what makes an audiophile different than a wine or art collector ? 
Where do audiophiles retire?
i find it very curious that there have been a lit of threads regarding subjects which are not audio related.i find it interesting because implicit in the thread is that audiophiles are somehow "different" than other there any reason to s... 
Redbook & SACD value
you can spend $2000 on a teac cd-3000.i reviewed it the player. i have it. read my review on 
Tweakers Advice Sought. Antivibration.
I find all components benefit from anti vibration devices.the source components, especially digital. should benefit the most.I find the ps audio powerbase, very effective. 
Worlds best DAC
I was asked about the zanden dac. in my opinion having heard all of the versions, I prefer the original. it had the classic tube sound and one could listen to any recording , regardless of quality, and still have a smile on your face. 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
more people love music than the configuration of stereo systems to attain quality of sound. its obvious why.the natural inclination of human beings is laziness. quality is sacrificed for convenience.moreover, sound quality , for many does not enha... 
Worlds best DAC
hi bhobba:thanks for making my case, that there is no perfect dac,. your logic also supports the premise that there is no perfect component or stereo system.after all listening to music is a subjective experience. 
Worlds best DAC
there is no best anything. there are only priorities, which when satisfied, please the is impossible to hear everything. one may prefer a dac among those which are auditioned, but that does not denote that it is the is a ver... 
What is the best DAC under $3000
there is no best anything in a price range. there are on compromises. if you want richness fin a dac with a sensitive tube circuit. I suggest you listen to many products in your price range. you will learn what is possible.just a reference point, ... 
Best digital converter $5k under
subjectively, there is no best anything. objectively, there is. 
Worlds best DAC
subjectively there is no best anything. objectively there is. 
Transport for MHDT Havana
i'm sure I would like the mids and treble, and timbre. but my speakers are a bit bass shy, so an attenuation in the bass, is not a good idea. I need all the bass I can get.thank you for confirming my intuition.I can swap tubes in my Vincent cs-7 d... 
Transport for MHDT Havana
who sells the Havana in the usalso, I had a nos dac, an it lacked bass response. is the havana fully extended in the bass ?