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Ventriloquist effect
are you saying a blind man will experience a narrow soundstage ? that is a non sequitor. your mind and attitude is more a determinant of what you hear than any visual my own situation, visual cues have no affect upon what I hear. 
Cognitive Dissonance Theory – What Do You Think?
cognitive dissonance is the result of holding two conflicting perceptions. it results in a defense mechanism. "sour grapes", is another results from wanting the grapes, and realizing that the grapes are unattainable. consequently the go... 
Have you gotten great sound in a small er room?
I heard magnepan mg 20s sound great in a small hotel room, the first year they were introduced. the hotel was in las vegas--the golden nugget 
Shunyata python vx VS black mamba cx
why not try to compare the two yourself in your own system ? it may be possible to borrow them from a dealer or from the cable company. 
Still mystified by mega expensive power cords
there is an old adage "hearing is believing".remember that short adage when auditioning doesn't matter what claims are made, by dealers, manufacturers, or so-called audiophiles. if you don't hear it does not matter. keep an open mind ... 
Power cords: does SS vs tubes drive a difference
power cords behave like other "cable", materials used create values of certain parameters, which affect frequency response. in other words, a power cord can affect the spectral balance and complement or reinforce colorations in the rest of your sy... 
Cognitive Dissonance Theory – What Do You Think?
I think cognitive dissonance has been misinterpreted. it arises from a conflict between two perceptions. it is a defense is a way of misrepresenting what you actually believe about an action, product or is an example. you... 
Teac PD H750
hi ghosthouse:i will be interested to compare impressions of this cd player, after it has been reviewed. I write for is a lot to review, as the player has many capabilities.i have about 168 hours on the player. I can'y commen... 
Teac PD H750
there is a fairly recent line of teac cd players, the cd 1000, cd 2000, cd 3000. the latter lists for $2000. i,m not sure of the others. i have one i'm breaking in for review--the cd 3000.look into the lower priced units. they require 500 hours of... 
Am I headed down the road to ruin here?
i have heard several streaming services. switch to googleplay, try it you will not be disappointed. my friend has created cds for me from material streamed from google play. its very high quality . 
Does anyone really need to spend 10k on power
anytime a question begins with "does anyone need....." it is a rhetorical question. there is no definitive answer to such a question 
How does one "Get lost in the music"?
it's easy to immerse oneself in the music. find components that don't distract you, so that you are not trying to analyze their is also a function of mindset , as well. 
Cables more hype than value?
isn't hype essentially, exaggerated claims, not supported by facts ??thus hype is opinion, but it may not represent a person's true opinion, but rather put forth to help sell a product.if so, hype is not limited to the sale of cables.value is pure... 
The best CD Player for the money
i have a vincent cd-s7 dac which is the best player i have heard in my system, and based on what i have heard at shows, it would probably be my favorite player at any price. it retails at $3000. 
How does one "Get lost in the music"?
my suggestion is to see a psychotherapist, take a tranquilizer, or have a glass of communication of the personal kind is more efficacious than positing on a discussion forum.