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"The Beatles" Apple Lossless on iTunes?
I understand the benefit of having the CDs. That's what I use, stereo and mono versions. I'm just curious if the iTunes downloads are ALAC, but don't want to purchase to find out. I assume they are 256AAC, but some blogs have stated "Apple Lossless". 
Quality tube amp below $1k?
One name....Decware. 
Which attributes do you value most?
USB-S/PDIF Converter
Both are great. I also recommend the HagUSB and HiFace. 
iMac Speakers: Good Enough For Monitoring?
Nope. What about headphones? 
American Folk/Bluegrass music to die for
Here's a Bill Monroe box set that covers his whole career. must have for anyone wanting to dive into bluegrass music.Modern bluegrass favorites are Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek, Ricky ... 
what is purpose of home theater processor?
Chadnliz is correct, some processors can do all kinds of advanced things, but the first question you need to answer is, "do you want surround sound"? If the answer is "yes", then you'll need a surround processor or receiver, as well as all the spe... 
Ten audiophile commandments
Are there not enough rules and lists in the world today? How about this? I put "thy" in there just to make it sound "biblical".Be honest, especially to thy self. 
what is purpose of home theater processor?
A home theater processor allows for digital inputs to be used from video disc players and set top boxes that offer 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS surround formats, as well as older analog surround formats. If you want to go surround sound, you'll need ... 
dac vrs cdp
Keep the Procced, it's a great transport. I assume it is a CDP or CDT. If you are looking for a "tube" sound, try some different tube DACs and preamps. Have fun.... 
New macbook air for computer audio
The Air will work with most iLife apps, including iMovie and GarageBand, just fine. Even though it has a "slower" processor, the way it's designed with solid state storage and an integrated GPU allows it to perform just fine with what most of us u... 
New macbook air for computer audio
Good, it looks like your USB converter will work.The Apple Remote "app" will work, without a doubt. I've set a few of the new Airs up and they work fine with the Remote "app".The new Air does not have an IR receiver, so the "physical" Apple Remote... 
New macbook air for computer audio
The MacBook Air will allow you to use the iPhone and the Apple Remote app. (I assume you are using iTunes.)You might want to take a serious look at the Apple Time Capsule. Not only does it allow automatic and wireless backup with Time Machine, but... 
You'll know it when you hear it
It's just a way for people to explain subjective thoughts. People into wine and art use similar language. When I get together with friends to discuss music, we explain music and musicians in subjective terms.A lot of "audiophiles" don't understand... 
New macbook air for computer audio
What software will you use and how will you use it?I've integrated a few new MB Airs into music systems over the last week. Very nice computer. It's definitely snappy and responsive. Overall it should work for your needs, but be aware of a couple ...