Taylor Swift

I'll probably get kicked out of this place but I bought the Taylor Swifts album. All original songs and performed really well. The CD is a tad compressed but her voice is predominant and clear. She sounds almost like Jewel but with songs that have very young theme (young love mostly). I'm an old geezer but I liked it. I'm going to take it over to my stereo buddy and see what he says.
Thanx, Russ
if you like it,what else matters?
Taylor Swift? Come to daddy ......
I too, also really like Taylor Swift. Her newest album, "Fearless" is excellent. Listen to the song "Stephen" on a very revealing system...it'll put a smile on your face.
I thought she sounded terrible at the Grammys......sorry.
Her music is not my cup of tea, however I believe she got those awards for a reason and she certainly appears to be handling her success quite well for her age.

Although she appears to have hit some home runs with her "original" songs, I think that her vocal style is less than original and shared by many performers today. Just an observation - listen to Suzanne Vega's vocals on 'Luka' (way back) from 1987. Very similar to Swift's styling. Vega's performance was nominated for record of the year, song of the year and best female pop vocalist with no wins. Had she innovated a style that was ahead of its time?
I saw her on SNL and was impressed with her performance and candor - even if "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time"

Have you spoke about this to your doctor? lol
Well, She did win album of the year!!
She'a a lovely young woman with very limited vocal ability. She's sounds quite different live versus a recording where it all can be fixed in the mix.
Yes, "Fearless" was the album I was refering to.

Thanx, Russ
She seems to have a very week voice when performing live. Many times she seems to be off key.
But, that doesnt stop her from performing on just about every possible live broadcasts.
I guess thats better than the fake lip synch so many of todays artist use.
Where the heck is Kanye when ya need him...
In this day and age, popularity has little to do with talent and more to do with marketability, She's young, hot, likeable and doesn't sound horrible.

Did I mention hot? Not liking those vulcan eyebrows though......
I'm with Matty, though Ashley Simpson proved you have to have at least *some* talent. Not even Ashley's double Ds could overcome her lack of talent in the industry's eyes, proud as her dad may (reportedly) be of the former.
I should amend my comment by noting I happen to enjoy Taylor Swift's popular songs as well.
A major talent. Just 20 years old when she recorded "Fearless". Record label support is huge in letting her write her material. Will have a long career. Reminds me of Alicia Keys.
I have both her recent albums and I don't care for country. Like other superstars she has the uncanny ability to project emotion in her voice. You go Girl!
Well if you guys saw her on the Grammy's and still think she sounds good then it must be time for an ear cleaning.....lol. I was on my Facebook account just after and i couldn't believe the responses posted by people watching and listening saying the same things.I've heard her sing live on three shows now and i honestly don't get it and i am from her home town in PA. I'll more then pass. My good friend is friends with her father and he told me he is a marketing genius and totally put everything he had behind her career and obviously that has paid off in dividends but can she sing live?? Not so much. And like was said before ....anything can be fixed in the studio these days. That's what i have heard and that is my opinion of the young ladies talents. I'm sure she is a wonderful person but man is she a product of a music industry gone wrong in my opinion. And i don't think she comes close to sounding as good as Alicia Keys. She is one of those performers where i actually get embarassed for them when i hear them sing live but i guess she is embarassed all the way to the bank and of course the fan admiration keeps her smiling. Let's put Taylor Swift next to Imelda May and see how she holds up : \
Her winning album of the year just tells you what else is out there.
I have to add that Fearless is very nicely recorded. She sings extremely well. Avril Lavigne comes to mind - simple tunes but sung with great feeling - a very expressive voice. A real gem.

I heard she can't sing live but that may be because she is too young and has not developed the vocal stamina and strength.
Seekburk is on the money. I think others may be "listening" with the wrong head the result of a very good packaging/marketing job.
I like her songs but I wouldn't buy any album which the artiste cannot sing live. Watching her on all her performances is really painful. I actually feel embarrassed for her. It feels that those off-key American Idol sessions. The question is whether she will have longevity when her mega teenage fanbase grows up. I doubt it.
You mean Taylor Swift is not going to save the world with each and every performance? If not, how can we find *anything* redeemable in her as a performer and entertainer - or a person for that matter? I bet she's a witch...Burn her!

Can't wait for the next Lady Gaga release (or the next Lady Gaga).

Is she my cup of tea? Nope. However, my kids love her, and for that alone I'm going to embrace her and foster my kids love of music. She writes some nice songs. People have some emotional connection with her and her words.

On a slightly-related tangent, I can still hear my father refer to the Beatles as "that long-hair music". We'll...it wasn't that long ago (I think he said it again this past Christmas). Viva la Andrews' Sisters!!!

My 4-year-old and I watched Taylor Swift perform with Def Leppard on some hi-def music channel. She turned to me and asked, "Who are those old guys?" Those old guys used to (and still do) rock your dad's face.
Seeburk is right. Alicia Keys would eat her for lunch. Marketing pure and simple. Usually when a female singer is as mediocre as Taylor Swift is, they're at least easy on the eye--e.g., Jennifer Lopez. And come to think of it, Jennifer Lopez is at least a half way decent actress, and in fact, has terrific comedic timing--witness her performance on SNL this past week. But Taylor Swift is a junk bond. I'd feel sorry for her if she weren't raking in the dough. But that's a career that's bound to end badly, and sadly.
Stewie, "But that's a career that's bound to end badly, and sadly."

I think the young woman's vocal skills are limited. I don't see the basis for your statement.

"I think the young woman's vocal skills are limited. I don't see the basis for your statement."

Probably just wishful thinking on my part. And in fact, given my take on American musical taste, her limited vocal skills and unlimited marketing will probably give her all the legs she'll need. I was just thinking of flashes-in-the-pan types like Billy Ray Cyrus (while we're in the country genre), who are little more than this year's cabbage patch dolls. I think she's that bad, but it finally comes down to preferences, I realize.
What I can say, if you made every recording artist's contracts invalid and open for new contract's, she would be in the Top 5 of everybody's list at the moment. Very respected from a label, creative talent agent, live book agent perspective. She has a buzz factor second to none, and will have a future that represents a solid 15 million records shifted. Few people offer that.
Here's the funny thing about Taylor Swift and the Grammy's. Taylor Swift who is a very engaging personality (did you see her on Saturday Night Live? She may actually save the world) but not a great singer got to just stand there and sing (not very well), while Beyonce who can sing was in such an overblown production you would never know that and Jennifer Hudson who can REALLY sing got to solo for about 40 seconds. GO figure.

Taylor's favorite band Kings of Leon also won a Grammy that night so it was a good evening for her. Maybe the Kings sent a diet Pepsi shooter to her hotel room from the bar after the awards.
Aside from the marketing perspective. Poor girl just cannot sing. Her duet with Stevie Nicks was simply emabarassing, as was her SNL (or was it Conan O'brien?) live performance.