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Merry Christmas to Me.....New tonearm on the way
I swore up and down I’d never buy another OL tonearm, but one presented itself at the right time, in the right configuration (DIN detachable tonearm cable), at the right price (stupid low). I’m quite pleased with it - I never thought I’d own such ... 
Merry Christmas to Me.....New tonearm on the way
That’s funny….my “temporary” tonearm on my Teres was an OL Silver (finally upgraded to an OL Enterprise after 15 years).   
Restoring vintage speakers
Interesting? I have a set of Pioneer HPM-200 speakers that have a significantly upgraded crossover (documented at https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/pioneer-hpm-200-speakers.602082/). However, these things are beasts and unless you’re... 
Degritter brand ultrasonic record cleaner
The Degritter is simply amazing. I’ll be posting my Klaudio machine for sale shortly.  
who do i contact to make custom plastic cassette cases and shells?
I agree with lewm…this forum ceased being helpful long ago. If you want snarky opinions, you’re in the right place. Check with the guys over at tapeheads.net. However, what you seek may be very hard to find.  
Nakamichi Dragon
I had my Dragon serviced by Willy (and absolutely love it). But, just know, great service techs are REALLY backed-up, so be prepared to wait. Check the forums over at tapeheads.net for more info and options.  
The Miller Carbon Story
Feel free to PM me for a referral of a machinist who happens to be an audiophile. He recently machined me a platter for my Teres bearing (milled from a solid aluminum billet with drilled chambers for lead-loading and a Delrin top fastened by brass... 
what happens if you record a type I cassette on type II setting, and vice versa?
AudioGon used to be a reliable source of information…Assuming you can set the record EQ on your deck (and it’s not automatically set via the physical notches on the cassette) it’s generally best practice to record on both Type I and Type II media ... 
teresaudio turntable
I upgraded from the standard motor pod to the upgraded motor pod. Depending on your platter, it could be beneficial. I just swapped out my solid acrylic platter (13 lbs.) with a custom aluminum / lead shot / Delrin platter (35 lbs.) and I’m glad I... 
Origin Live Zephyr MK4 vs. Silver MK3A
Personally, I’d suggest saving for a more significant upgrade (this is coming from a guy who went from a Silver to an Enterprise).  
..so you think there's no need.......
You made me verify…According to the Audio Pefectionist Journal review of the 5a’s…There are four Class B bass amplifiers in each Model 5A speaker. They share a power-factor-compensated switching power supply but the amplifiers themselves have high... 
Teres Audio motor help!
I still love my Teres. I recently upgraded from an OL Silver to and OL Enterprise. Now I’d really like to find a lead-loaded or cocobolo platter (as mine is solid acrylic). Thought about having a Delrin platter machined that I could load with lead... 
Amp for Vandersteen 5A Carbons
I ran a set of Quatros with a 60 Watt (into 8 Ohms) Ayre Ax-7e (Ayre installed crossover) with no issues whatsoever. In a small to medium room it was really nice. You should be set.  
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
I just upgraded from an Origin Live Silver to an Origin Live Enterprise. Same cartridge. Same tonearm cables. The difference is staggering. I’d love to have a tonearm or cartridge designer explain the technical reasons for the easily-audible impro... 
Review of the SMARTractor and SMARTstylus
Personally, I’d gladly pay $100 + return shipping / insurance (in the US) for 7 days access. I’m pretty good with my MintLP + USB microscope, but I’d pay a Benjamin to satisfy a curiosity.