Meadowlark Swift vs. VonSchweikert VR-1

Interested in both speakers but don't know which one to get. Please give your observations and/or opinions. I Listen to just about everything except hard rock and heavy metal. Associated equipment is a Plinius Integrated and Philips 963 DVD player. These are for a bedroom system. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
I own the Swifts, but have not heard the VR-1's. The Swifts will have more bass and save the expense of good stands for the VR-1's. By all accounts, the VR-1's are also great speakers, so as always, it comes down to your listening preferences and how the two speakers might fit in your room.
CHeck out GMA Europa...I auditioned the above speakers...and went with this one...good choice
Hi Phasecorrect. Question for ya.I have the Europa on order. It sounds like a good speaker. How do they do with rock? I don't like heavy metal, but I like rock music if you will. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks