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Opening Record Store
so the owner is moving out of state..far out of state to reopen a record store. He is moving his whole family with him. He is a pretty good friend of mine and I trust him. He has no online sales to speak of, he doesnt know how to navigate sales th... 
Opening Record Store
Northern California Bay Area. Owner threw out a figure of $10,000.  
Thorens TD-125 MK1 with SME 3009
Yes. I am going to inspect it in person. I will keep an eye on the things mentioned here. Thanks all.  
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
Beck- Sea Change-MOFI vinyl lp.  
Your Top Five Blues LPs, SQ-wise...
Albert King- “I want to get funky” lp- very well recorded and mastered. Huge soundstage, brassy and ridiculously  FONKY!! 
If you could only keep 5 record albums, what would they be?
1- John Martyn -Solid Air2- Coltrane- Ole’3- Sly Stone -Fresh4- Miles- Bitches Brew5- Dylan- John Wesley Harding 
Zerostat Milty really?
I have hardwood floors through out the house. Tride the Acoustec brush years ago to no avail.  
Looking for Audio Desk vinyl cleaning service
Watts Records in Novato has access to one. Ask for Darrin.  
Dylan...whats the deal?
Well they got it very very wrong indeed.  
Best music of 2017
King Krule/The Ooz- cant get this lp off of my turntable.  
Tone arm ghost
Using Nitty Gritty machine and I clean records periodically. Table is a Thorens TD-124 circa 1960. I am using a cork slip mat. Never ever wear tennis shoes. No carpets anywhere.  
Best LP Version of Coltrane Alabama
As far as I know it is only played on the Live at Birdland record.  
Are You Experienced?
Ooh. That looks promising.  
Jack DeJohnette
In Motion is a superb “classic trio” album albeit with a modern tip. Garrison plays electric bass and also loops some interesting soundscapes under the music. Coltrane and DeJohnette play with fire and passion. I searched for this on vinyl from EC... 
Ghost in the machine?
Yes. I have a router.