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Radiohead read on
Radiohead for me is the modern equivalent of the band Can. We will be heralding these guys even more 30 years from now. Cutting edge. Brilliant.  
Anyone ever hear Meyer Sound X-10 speakers?
How would these speakers do with a low watt SET system? 
Artists One Should Know
Slaw- you are correct. Bill Callahan is a pure unadulterated musical genius. I heard Dongs of Sevotion first and have been on a Callahan vinyl buying rampage since. I vow to have everything he has put to wax if i can find it. 
New Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson would do very well doing the Rennaisance fair festival circuit with that shtick. 
New Ian Anderson
Wow i am really not liking this at all. 
Loud Buzz in Mono
I replaced a 12ax7 tube in the phono amp with a 12at7 and the hum in mono went away. The 12ax7 was tested as good so what happened here? Any ideas? 
Back on Black: LED ZEP 1-3
Somofjim... Go to Analogue Planet Home page and scroll down 3 articles/blogs. It is right there. 
Back on Black: LED ZEP 1-3
Check out Fremer's Analogue Planet site for a full diatribe on this upcoming LZ reissue disaster. 
Better when it rains?
Well...i live a stones throw from the pacific coast and it has been raining steadily for 3 days now. So your theories would make sense. Pineapple express has swept in so it is also unusually humid as well. Bill Callahan's Dream River never sounded... 
R.I.P. Lou Reed
Lou was dining in a Northern Californian Pub with David Grisman and I was astonished to be waiting on them. I left them alone and did not even act like I was star struck at all. I was however humming "Foggy Notion" to my self all throughout the ev... 
Need Help Troubleshooting Ground Hum
Try lifting power cords off of speaker cables. Also touch all connections in back of your system. You can sometimes isolate the problem doing this. Sometimes wires are just crossing over each other or are just too close to each other. 
Badfinger, perfect end for Breaking Bad
Good choice. Love Badfinger. But a better choice IMO would have been You Get What You Deserve by the other power poppers Big Star. 
Child-Proof Speakers
Hang them from the rafters.....I did it works great. 
Bands where U say
Big Star. Had Chris Bell not died in that car wreck who knows what a huge monster of a power pop band it would have turned into.There music would have definitely been much different than the Chilton based direction. 
Whats your current Reference CD at the moment?
Beck-Sea Change