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Latest Pink Moon Reissue
I believe Michael Fremer from Analogue Planet had some very positive things to say about this reissue as well. 
step up transformer?
So Larryi, you think that what I am describing is normal and I will not hear any major differences with load changes? 
step up transformer?
Cartridge loading from 100 ohms to 100k ohms -- with stops at 300, 500, 1k and 47k ohms in between -- when I try to switch different loads with the knob there is no discernible difference at all as to sound. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong,sh... 
step up transformer?
Sorry...meant to state my budget which is between $500-$800. 
amp repair in san francisco bay area ML 335
Chris Barnett,San Rafael, Caterrific work!! 
The Thorens 124
I am using a td124 with an ortofon smg 212 tone arm and an ortofon silver meister spu,it is simply magic. Not only 50s-60s jazz but all music is rendered pefectly. The pacing and naturalness with this setup is very good indeed. 
MFSL Not stamped
Beck/Sea Change,Basement Tapes,Dave Alvin,Marvin Gaye/Whats goin on,Isaac Hayes/Hot Buttered Soul....the list goes on...all unnumbered. 
How many with analog rigs only?
Look.... Cds are fine for casual listening..lets say having a dinner party or entertaining I will put on cds for convenience. Being a control junky with my analogue rig I would not want to get food,alcohol,any foreign matter on my lps while entert... 
Tokyo vinyl and audio suggestions
This is an email from my buddy Kingpin....tell your friend to go to "Vinyl Japan" in "Nishi Shinjuku" area. here is a blurb with directions i found online: 
Tokyo vinyl and audio suggestions
Hey..I have a good buddy who lived in Japan for 10 years and knows many many places for you to check out.Not sure how we can connect..maybe you could locate my email through Agon site? I would love to put you in contact with my friend. 
Phono amp impedance
sorry this thread should have been listed in ANALOG. 
Genuine Basement tapes
Johnderrig---I can offer many, many rare Dylan boots from the earliest to 2004. 
Genuine Basement tapes
I meant Bob Dylan. There is actually a 5-cd unofficial set of ALL the recorded material with The Band. The 2 cd set is probably the commercially released material that I already have. 
Help Me Name a New Band
Rubber Stubby Knubs 
Pop noise from turntable when power-off the unit.
check that 6dj8 tube in the Fosgate,very sensitive to vibrations. Is the TT close to the Fosgate?