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Through with Buzz.
try removing the tt ground wire from phono amp or source it is wired to. 
Good Trade?
He actually wants me to throw in a used"MMF-7"to seal the deal. 
SME 20/2 Finger Lift Hum
try pulling tt ground wire off its post.see what happens. 
A "pop" masterpiece...
Big Star-Radio City -#1 Record -Third Sister Lovers 
Muddy Waters Folk Singer
I have the original Chess Lp as well as the Classic reissue. While I must admit the Classic copy is wonderfully rich and well mastered,the original vinyl copy is the hands down winner!! 
what is the proper loading
the loading choices on my phono amp for MC are;17ohms18ohms20ohms22ohms69ohms100ohms220ohmsWhich would be the best? I am thinking eiher 69ohms or 100ohms if 50 ohms is the correct load as Marakanetz says. 
Ortofon Silver Meister SPU
Thanks Luis. Great info. Will I get any semblance of decent sound with my current set up? I really do not want to have to invest in a step up unless its not utterly crucial. 
Album Of The Year 2011
Blaze Foley-Compilation 
Hardly Strickly Bluegrass?
great. sometimes. no 
Need Blues Rec--burn the house down guitar stuff
One name is all you need-Magic Sam!! Simply the greatest nastiest stuff out there(Delmark Label Out of Chicago) 
Hum aint fun
Hifivn- thanks but i already tried this and it has not changed 
Hum aint fun
separate phono stage. Thorens td-124 with ortofon rmg-212 arm. 
Do you listen alone or with guest s
Boy SunnyJim ,Sounds like there is a lot of rain in your forecast.Take a deep breath, it isnt so serious! 
Fela Kuti on Vinyl - Where To Start?
Start anywhere. He will not disappoint at any period in his career. 
modern turntable or old school dd
Make the jump. You will be very pleased with one of the entry level tts,most likely the Rega. You may also look into the Technics -1200 since you like the stability of the 1600. Welcome to the world of audiophilia where we all feel as if " I feel ...