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Confessions from a VPI owner of some 30 years
I've been a VPI customer for years.  Most of the time I dealt directly with Harry and he was always gracious and helpful.  Now, I deal with Mat and experience the same level of support.  I've only dealt with them through the Internet ether and don... 
HDCD Transport to non HDCD dac
George, the McCormack transport would not. I owned it. 
HDCD Transport to non HDCD dac
I recall the McCormack SST-1 transport would not send the HDCD signal to an HDCD capable DAC. I suspect there were others. 
"Amused To Death" 2015
Dgarretson, the picture disc version is NOT The Analogue Productions audiophile release. 
RCA or Optical?
I've used both over the years and NEVER been able to tell the difference. 
Ray Samuels XR-10B phono stage - anyone got one?
Just ordered one. Hope it is as good as the reviews. 
Dahlquist DQ10: what is best way to power?
In their day, they sounded great with a Bedini Class A amp. The more power the better. For class A/B I would look for 200 wpc. 
RIP Panny Plasmas
Very sad but not unexpected news. I have three Panasonic Viera plasma sets snd love them. Not sure what I will do when one or all need replacing. 
Looking to sell my LP Collection
"All of the Albums have never been opened." "That is how I played them all the time and I still have my hearing."Oh, OK............. 
What dealer/distributor has influenced you most?
Brooks Berdan 
Advice-Upgrade VPI tonearm?
Vandersteen 2 surrounds still good after 30?
I don't believe so but best to call Vandersteen and ask. How much is he asking for them. They should be no more than $300.-Wendell 
Musical Design SP2 Preamp
That's an excellent preamp but it's not vintage. John Hillig knows his stuff. I suggest his matching amp. 
Laserdiscs- how do they sound with outboard DACs
It depends on the discs. Early laserdiscs had analog audio so a dac will do no good. Does your player have a digital out? If so and, it is a compatible datastream, any inexpensive dac may be an improvement.Good luck,Wendell 
worst cover songs.....
Bill, I always appreciate your opinion but it's just that. It is not the revealed word. :-)Wendell