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Does Muse 9S play DVD-A s?
It is not a DVD-A player. DADs are not the same as DVD-As. It will play CDRs but not CDRWs. 
Amps for Virgo : TUBE or SOLID?
I use a Jadis Defy 7 with my Virgos. A wonderful match. 
Melos updates worth it?
Unless they've risen from the dead, Melos has been out ofbusiness for months. 
Jolida Contact Information
Thanks. I talked to them this morning. I appreciate the help. 
The spitting is caused by the point resistor for the drivertubes. It is a 100K, 3 Watt resistor. BTW, Jadis transformers are guaranteed for life. If one fails, the owner does not pay for a new one. It is replaced free ofcharge. The Mark III never ... 
Gershwins Best Recording.
By the Stereophile CD "Rhapsody". It is incredible. 
Classe' preamp ground loop hum. Help!
Lift the ground on the preamp. The hum should go away. 
Celestion SL700 - matching amp?
They require lots of power to sound their best. They are quite inefficient. A wonderful speaker that throw a wide, deep and transparent soundstage. Surprising bass for their size. Unfortunately, Celestion no longer have replacement drivers. That's...