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worst cover songs.....
I've always loved the Joe Cocker version. It puts the Beatles version to shame and I like it too.Wendell 
Kenwood KD-500-Use it or Lose It?
Use it. That's a nice table. Paired with and Infinity Black Widow arm and a high compliance cartridge it will make beautiful music.-Wendell 
Has LED caught up to Plasma?
In my opinion, plasma is still superior to LCD. The LED lighting is more energy efficient than plasma but I wouldn't make a decision based on that. Modern plasma does run cooler than the older models. Remember, it's no an LED display. It's still L... 
non redbook CD's
What Song Reminds You of Your First Love?
"How Can I Tell You" by Cat Stevens 
Records are getting noisy
"I speak the truth."I listen to records 90% of the time and consider them superior to CD.Anyone who makes the quoted statement is full of it. Opinion is just that. There is no "truth" involved.Wendell 
Good turntable needed, need recomendations.
If you are not a "vinyl guy" why would you even consider putting that much into a table? If money is no object, good for you. There are excellent tables, new or used, for much, much less that will compete with the uber-expensive tables.Buy somethi... 
Wilson Watt Puppy, which version?
I never liked any of them until the 6 and 7. To my ears, the 3/2 was a painful listen and the 5.1 wasn't much better. Things changed with the 6 and 7 which are two of the best speakers I have ever heard. In my opinion the 8 was a step backwards an... 
Magic Eraser used for vinyl cleaning?
For you records, be my guest. For mine, no way. The Magic Eraser is a fine product but, in my opinion, not for records. It's much too abrasive.I suppose with trashed records it won't make a difference. I suggest keeping it away from Mint and/or va... 
Shelby Lynn: Just a Little Lovin LP
The first pressing was noisy. The second pressing was quite good. It's a nice sounding recording by Doug Sax but, remember, it was made from the digital master.-Wendell 
Audio Physic Virgo vs Virgo IIs
The original Virgo had bi-wire capability. The Virgo II did not.Wendell 
how much better are vandersteens 1c than model 1
The original 1 is quite veiled. The IC is much more transparent. It's as if a blanket has been removed from the speaker.Wendell 
McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?
I consider Hovland, VTL, Conrad-Johnson and Herron to all be superior to the Mac. 
McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?
Not even close to the best. You can do much better for the same budget. Are you staying with the Yamaha amp? 
Vinyl comeback now, cassette tapes next?
Let's bring back VHS! Everyone knows it is as good as DVD and Blu-Ray! :-)-Wendell