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Vinyl comeback now, cassette tapes next?
Tonykay, If you have commercial cassettes that sound as good as vinyl you must have compared them to some pretty bad records on a plastic turntable. :-) Enjoy but don't expect a cassette renaissance. :-)-Wendell 
Vinyl comeback now, cassette tapes next?
No. It was never a high quality analog medium when it came to prerecorded material. It could be pretty darn good when done at home. It will return about the same time 8-track does. :-)-Wendell 
VPI Classic
VPI answers phone calls between 10 and 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It sounds like a cartridge problem.I own the Classic and it does not exhibit the described behavior. 
Question about Morrow ICs?
I'm burning in a pair of MA1s now. I have about 100 hours on them. So far, nothing special. I acknowledge a bias in that, visually, they are the flimsiest looking cable I've ever seen. It may be impacting my impression.-Wendell 
Nottingham Horizon SE
Nice table. I owned one a few years ago. The Rega nut is not used with this table. Your other questions should be asked of the designer, Tom Fletcher. You'll need to call him.No email or website. Nice guy who really knows his stuff.-Wendell 
JMW 9 Sig tonearm on a HW-19 MK III ?
Spindle to pivot distance for the JMW-9 is 223mm.-Wendell 
Adcom GFP 750 preamp problem
I've never been a fan of the Adcom sound. The 750 is cut from different cloth. Of course, just my opinion. 
Adcom GFP 750 preamp problem
Roxy54, the 750 is a surprisingly good sounding preamp. Have you spent any time listening to it? 
VPI Enthusiasts: Going Backwards?
Hopefully, someone who has used both will contribute their experience.Wendell 
VPI Enthusiasts: Going Backwards?
Slaw said, "s that a TT Weights ring would be far superior to VPI's."Why?Wendell 
VPI Enthusiasts: Going Backwards?
Over the years I've owned 2 HW19 Jrs., a Mark III and a Mark IV. I've also owned the original Aries and a TNT HR6 with the Wheaton Triplanar arm. The Mark IV was mated with a Graham 1.5t. Of all those setups, I've enjoyed none more than the Classi... 
Vandersteen 3a sound anchor
They shouldn't be unstable with the spikes. Are you using them? To protect your floor, simply rest each spike on a quarter.Wendell 
Home Depot speaker cable, which one to buy
Energizer,"The side with the wally cable you could not even tell was playing."??????????????????Wendell 
Belles 21a 22a or audible illusions modus 3a
I've owned the 21a and the M3a. Both are very good. The Belles has remote which is nice. The M3A sounds a bit darker.Wendell 
Audibile Illusions, Modulus 3 vs 3A
"I've owned them all and currently have a 3b (just back from Art) with his lastest gen caps."Tony, how long was it gone?Wendell