Synergistic Research Master Fuse £565

Only saw this yesterday that Synergistic Research make a Master Fuse that costs £565. That's a heck of a lot of money for a fuse, and I am sure there are those that can afford them will purchase without hesitation.




     Anyone actually interested in improving the sound/presentation of their system and curious, as to whether a simple fuse change might make a difference, can audition the Synergistic, at home, for 30 days, without risk.

     Click on the following and scroll down slightly.   You'll notice a proclamation/seal, promising your money back, if dissatisfied.

      No excuse not to try them for yourself (or a plethora of Synergistic's other products in your own home and system, with your own ears*) to dispel any mystery.

                                      SO MANY variables

                        SO MUCH bias and unfounded opinion

        *Obviously: one must trust their ears as well as: capacity for discerning the truth, because the Denyin'-tologists will tell you, "You're crazy!" (or some variant).


                                     HAPPY LISTENING!

I just purchased their "Purple" fuse for my REGA Aethos. It made a noticeable improvement.  You All can debate whatever you want.  I've been doing this for over 50 years.

Lawrence From MI

Are all these different boutique fuses approved by UL?  That fuse must be $600+USD!    Sorry, this retired guy will keep his money and enjoy his system regardless.  My systems sound more than good enough for me, but you guys who do have the dough to "invest"?  Please let us know how it goes.  Was it worth the cash outlay?

I saw a “quantum” fuse for sale..

wow.. must get second mortgage to get that..



can anyone explain to me the purpose of a “dedicated power” system with huge awg, cost,marketing, all to feed a hair thin wire going through the fuse?

What does that wire weigh? A tenth of an ounce?

FFS a pure silver fuse would only cost around $20 -$40 in materiel.

Maybe use pure platinum? Then you could charge $100+?


Many years ago Stereophile reviewed an amp that had the option of wood knobs which the manufacture claimed provided better sound. A knob. This is along the same lines of silliness.

The microphonics from a metal knob just are not present with wooden knobs.

The extra $3000 for those wooden knobs is absolutely justified.

The other day, on one of my amps, the input selector knob became loose. I noted that the setscrew was grabbing the extreme end of the shaft. the knob was too tall in my opinion anyway so I stepped into my shop, put the knob in a collet, fired up the lathe, and shortend the inside of the knob 1/8". Now it grabs the shaft perfectly.

I hope I didn’t change the harmonics of the knob. I’ll let it burn in for 300 hours before I decide.


I will wait for the hype to settle ,I own their fuses ,in truth I find the Audiomagic M1 fuse to be better then theSynergistic purple especially image density and bass.

these new synergistic from comparisons it sounds like a more open airy soundstage Bigger sounding ,which maybe good in many systems but having a more grounded aspect in imagng and depth for myself is more important .

I will wait 6 months ,let’s see how much 1 fuse makes a difference .

synergistic magnifies Everything IMO ,sometimes wait and see is more sensible.

I can understand that a better quality metal in the fuse would make a difference but what I don’t understand is the prices.  Especially when a surge or if it’s in a tube preamp or amp that has a tube go bad and blow the fuse you’re out some real money.  I have tried a couple cheaper ones and they do make a difference but still. That price is crazy!  I would pay $10 or $20 but come on!

I agree with harpo75. With a 20€ fuse, you can improve your system. That is the case with my cd player. One have blowed up with my amplifier, so I was not so upset.

I get the point; the price does seem high for what it is. But, if you can forget the price, it is amazing how much better the rig sounds with a Master fuse in my Lumin X1 and purples in the rest of my system.


Was looking at buying an SR Master fuse next month, but I was offered a used pair of Sound Anchors speaker stands yesterday. 

Will still get a Master fuse, but perhaps the end of May.