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Streamer for local files (DSD and FLAC), Tidal and Qobuz support, USB/i2s
I have the Project Stream Box S2 Ultra. Hi Res and CD files are attached via USB inputs. A good price, and good sound.   
Upgrade from base CURIOUS CABLE USB?
Also suggest a Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra  
Dac Upgrade
Tony at Coherent Systems UK has lots of Dacs he has ordered and listened to. He gives very good advice on Dac options.  
Dac Upgrade
I love my R200i. Not looking to upgrade. Got it recapped last year. Has a good amount of power for my ATC speakers. A neutral sound. Good soundstage, takes control of the music. Good instrument separation.   
Rate My Impulse Buy
I have a friend who has the iFi Zen streamer. Had been previously put off iFi, but he really likes the Zen. I like my Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra.  
12v linear power supply
This linear power supply has got some traction on The Audio Standard  
Favorite Genesis Tracks?
Lyrics still in my head, even though it's been over 20 years since I last heard the albums. "There's always been Ethel. Jacob wake up, you've got to tidy your room now..."  
Rate My Impulse Buy
The RME-DAC-2 FS has good reviews. Know someone who loves his. My streaming system started with a Macbook Pro to dac using optical out. Upgraded with a Halide Bridge USB/SPIDF converter for it, and an iFi USB silencer. Have since upgraded to a P... 
Dac Upgrade
I have an R200i as my main amp, into ATC SCM 19v2. Have had Soekris 2541 recommended. I went for the Gustard A22 as it suited my taste, and price.  
Experience with Black Cat and/or Triode lab Wires
Have recently bought A23 speaker cable and jumpers.  
Add a Linear power supply or iFi SPDIF Purifier2?
Although not cheap, the Ediscreation Fibre Box II looks a neat and tidy way to clean up your signal from ethernet to fibre.  
Experience with Black Cat and/or Triode lab Wires
I have TWL Freedom ethernet cables. Pete is very easy to deal with, and the cables are excellent, and a very good price. Also have a Black Cat Silverstar 75 ohm coax cable. It's very good. Not sure about the entry level RCAs from Black Cat, but ... 
Add a Linear power supply or iFi SPDIF Purifier2?
If looking at a cheapish LPS, this one is quite good  
Has anyone heard of Audiocadabra cables?
Bought an Akiko Audio product from them in 2016 with a hassle free transaction.  
Experience buying from Europe?
I buy from England, Scotland and the Netherlands often. Have also bought from Poland, Norway, Ukraine, Romania with no problems.