Shuguang Black Treasure CV181-Z

I feel compelled to post here, having just replaced a stock Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 with a Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z this morning in my Blue Circle DAR integrated. 

Good lord.

Probably the best $120 I have spent on my system. Massively improved sound staging, instrument separation, timbral accuracy...even power in the low end. 

I'm actually kind of giddy sitting here listening. I knew things would get better, but this has been a revelation. YMMV, of course, but boy howdy...
If you like the Shuguang, you should try the Psvane CV181-TII tubes.
Yes, the Psvane CV181-TII's are incredible.
It is my understanding that Psvane is the offshoot of Shuguang.
I have several pairs of the Shuguang CV181-Z, the Shuguang CV181-T and the Psvane CV181-TII.

I prefer the Shuguang CV181-"Z" in everything I’ve tried so far. Best 6SN7 out there, IHMO.  I found the "T" series to be just a tad to bright for my tastes.  Most listeners would say they had more detail, but to my ears, that also means brighter.

I also really like the Sophia Electric 6SN7.

Info on the difference between the two companies:

Look at these new limited edition 6SN7 tubes! I might have to try a pair of these babies:
Thanks for the comments and info, guys. Yes, Mofi, these are the Zs and they seem to open and deepen with every passing hour. I contemplated the Sophias but took a chance with the Zs...glad I did. 

And in case it's unclear, I have no vested interest in saying such things...I'm just kind of dumbfounded at how much of a difference one tube has made.  It sounds like a completely different amplifier...
I have the Z in a Modwright Oppo 105 am very pleased. Rolled a few well thought of vintage tubes and the Z is my choice. 
I have looked at the new Globe as well. The cost is sobering but the Z sounds so good it's easy to just ignore the new globe. For now..... Stupid hobby.
Love the Shuguang's but they got noisy after a few months.  Went to the Psvane's which I found to be a real close second to Shuguang and weren't nearly as noisy.  Got tired of the noise and went solid state.


Discoveries as you experienced are what make audio such an interesting hobby. In addition to experimenting with driver tubes,  there is a lot of potential improvement in trying a variety of audio grade fuses and audio grade wall A/C outlets.

Congratulations on the Black Treasures sounding so good in your system.

David Pritchard