Shuguang Treasure and Psvane 300b tubes

Shuguang and Psvane can be bought at Grant Fidelity but I have read that Good Component has a website and is another option although they may be located in China. Has anyone bought these tubes from this company?
Had the same question a while back, found an outlet here in California that sells the Shuguang at $55 each, sells matched pairs too. Greenstone USA is the name of the company (I have no affiliation).

I ended up buying the Electro Harmonix 300B from a different company for my Canary Reference 2 and paid just a little bit more than for the Chinese ones for the 2 Octets I needed.

Best of luck

suggest sending AGon message to member trelja - have bought black treasure KT 88s and 6sn7s from him - don't know if he carries the 300b but if he does my experience has been same quality as Grant, better price, excellent service
PS re Greenstone - Shuguang and Shuguang Black Treasures are different tubes the Treasures being higher quality
Thanks all.

Ended up getting an on sale pair of the Psvane 300B-Ts at Parts Connexion.