Proposal - lets share our treasures

I am a few months new to augiogon. I find our site of high value to help with an equipment purchase, and love the equipment talk, and the character and knowledge to its members. That said, I must confess that I find the energy and space devoted to equipment to be huge, relative to the space devoted to music.
I propose that all members, who have interest, make a committment to share through a post anytime they encounter a new (or old) treasure of a recording regardless of genre. In the post perhap state what appeals e.g. passionate performance, interesting interpretation, lyrics, beauty to melt your heart, sonic quality, etc.
This would support the wisdom of the site that often states "take time to enjoy the music", "its all about the music" and encourage all of us to expand into new sonic adventures. Not all of us can afford the best in equipment, but we can all afford the best CD or LP.

I would like to point you to an ongoing thread that does just what you propose. Many of the participants have been introduced to all kinds of genre:
Thanks Slip knot - I agree it is a good thread. I had by-passed it because it is titled "whats on your turntable tonight?" and I dont have much vinyl. Mostly play redbook CD.
Good idea, but tough project. In order for it to be really worth while it should be archival in nature so folks could use it as a reference and for that to work you would have to break it down in catagories so if someone wanted pop they wouldn't have to wade thru tons of jazz, classical, hip hop etc.

In classical and jazz I've rarely gotten any feedback when I have posted a "discovery" - only when I'm responding to a "request for", so I concluded, at least in this forum and in Audio Asylum either everyone who cared already knew, or nobody cared (about the music or my judgment). In any event I stopped doing this several years ago. FWIW.
Here's a thread I started a while back that goes in the direction you are suggesting. There have been many here that qualify, and yes, it is a great idea and a wonderful aspect of this forum.

Jax and Newbee great suggestions. Jax's "What is your Latest discovery" is great to build from. How do we go about putting in categories as newbee is suggesting?
Gammajo - you could simply start your own threads in those different categories. The threads longevity, and eventual archiving will depend upon it's success in the eyes of Agon, I suppose. I don't know that I'd be so specific as to give one thread a very narrow category. Perhaps a thread for Jazz and Blues, One for Classical and Operatic, Pop and Rock, Alternative and Folk, Rap & HipHop, get the picture.