Irreplacable treasures?

What do you consider to be some of your greatest or favorite LPs, CDs, eight tracks, that you would never get rid of, or give away?
A great old folk music LP from the 60s.
The title is "Bob Gibson & Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn".
MFSL of Pink Floyd - The Wall
I have a sealed MoFi UHQR of Alan Parsons "I Robot". This record has been with me for 20 years and is in absolute mint condition - no marks or tears on the sealed wrap. I keep it displyed on a high shelf to preserve the condition. I also have an opened UHQR copy to play.
My complete collection of first pressing Beatle albums on Capitol and Apple including the Butcher album. Each was purchased within 7 days of release.
The Orchestral Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
Half of my record collection is not for sale or exchange ever:

1. Can... a complete collection of records and CDs throughout their existance.

2. Irmin Schmidt's (Can's keyboards and piano) Filmmusik complete collection(albums 1 thru 5).

3. Fish 4 Fish band only created two albums one I have on CD- Divin' and another on record which is self-titled

4. A complete CMP jazz collection albums 1 through 7.
5. A complete Pekka Pohjola albums.

6. A complete David Sylvian.
Bootleg on vinyl of Blind Faith's short lived tour. Sounds pretty bad, but it's great to hear Ginger introduce "The Reverend Eric Clapton" at the beginning of "Presence of the Lord".
Original pressing of Rudolf the Red Nose Rein Deer featuring Burl Ives.
Played every christmas
I have thrown out my entire collection at least three times in my life. (now 56)
Easy come, easy go. (I got back into LP about 3 years ago.. and collected 10,000 in two years... now I am buy them used, about 5 a week.. and culling the last of the 'lesser' good stuff out.
Got a pile of Jazz CDs also...
Never know... I may dump it all and move to Tahiti.