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Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?
I donated about 1,500 albums 5 years ago when we moved; I certainly don't regret losing those. I kept about 2,000, and my plan is to get down to about 1,000 before we move again. That may involve some painful decisions.But I would never give up vi... 
Well Tempered Labs Record Player, thoughts on a used one?
I owned a WTRP for a while, standard platter, black armtube, round motor. The arm is very versatile, as you can vary the depth of the silicone to accommodate different cartridges. I even put an armwrap on it and used it with a Denon DL103. I also ... 
Permanent 50hz
Given your 50hz comment I'm assuming you're outside the US. If the equivalent of 3-prong adapters exists for your local plug configuration, get one and see if the noise goes away. If it does, you have a grounding problem, which you'll have to work... 
Anyone ever see a speaker with spun copper ports with full range driver?
I can't speak to the copper port, but I have a pair of DNAs with the Alpair 10p and I love them. Terrific driver. 
What do you drive and why?
Daily: 2011 Ford Taurus SHOSummer: 2005 Honda S2000This is my 3rd SHO and it's a beast, but so comfortable for long trips.The S2000 was my daily driver when we lived on the Oregon coast; here in Idaho Falls we have real winter. I almost sold it wh... 
A New? Way to Buy Loudspeakers??
Did you notice that their recommended "SpeakerCompare Listening Kit" consists of a headphone/USB DAC combo for $25? So they're saying you can hear the differences between speakers costing multiple hundreds of dollars through headphones that cost l... 
Selling Tubes.
What tubes do you have?David 
Drink of choice for serious listening?
Black RussianGibson's RareDark and StormyGin and TonicNot on the same night and not necessarily in that order.   :-) 
Ballpark price ?- Polk SRT
If you look here under Sold/Expired it at least gives you the initial asking price, not necessarily what they sold for: 
pre amp tubes
Generally, you can use a 12AU7 or 12AT7 in place of a 12AX7 without fear of harming your preamp, as they are electrical similar but the U7 and T7 have lower gain. That doesn't mean it will sound the same; it might be better, it might be worse. Che... 
Kudos to Dan Wright of Modwright
I own an LS100, and Dan has been patient and forthcoming with all of my questions. He's a peach of a guy and I'd buy Modwright equipment again. 
need turntable setup recommendation in New England
+1 for Goodwins. I used to live in Waltham and went there often. They've been there for years. 
Tube info
I have some Conn 12AU7s that sound terrific in my phono preamp. The organ manufacturers used lots of tube manufacturers, but generally tested their tubes very stringently so they're usually a good bet. 
Tone arm counter weight
I also use the TecnoWeight. Any of the underslung counterweights should be an improvement over stock. 
What is the most memorable concert that you had attended so far?
The The in Boston at the Paradise, circa 1987. It was their first time in the U.S. and they had been playing big stadiums in Europe. Since few in the U.S. had heard of them at this point, the promoter only booked 3 shows, LA, Boston, and NY, all i...