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Advent 300
My first stereo system, purchased in 1978 from Alan Audio in Bloomington, IN, consisted of an Advent 300, New Advent speakers, and a Micro Seiki MB-14 turntable. That lasted through my graduation but when I got my own apartment and had it in a 15X... 
Audible wow on Well Tempered TT
Yep, I owned a Well Tempered and with a stretchy rubber belt you'll get audible wow. Since Stanalog is no longer in existence, Origin Live is your best, maybe your only option. I've corresponded with people who claim to have gotten mylar/kapton or... 
Returning to Vinyl
Millercarbon gives great advice, and I'll add that VTF is critical with many cartridges, so a stylus force gauge like the Riverstone is essential to proper setup. Inexpensive and worth every penny: 
EL84 Tubes for Glow Audio Amplifier
I own a 2008 Glow One and I prefer the JJs with the Gold Lions a close second. 
JVC TT 71: buy now for spare for my or TT81?
I've been using a QL-7 with the TT-71 while I mount a second tonearm on my TT-81 in the two arm JVC plinth. While the specs of both motors are similar, the TT-71 has noticeably less torque. Of course, it's possible my TT-71 is less than optimal; b... 
Low gain preamp options
How about something like this: might be able to do it with two outputs. 
cartridge set up
I have the manuals for the Well Tempered Classic arm. Specified distance from the spindle to the arm mounting post is 9.2". Be advised that this is not the same as pivot to spindle, as the expectation is that you rotate the arm frame on the post u... 
VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?
Steve received my cartridge on 4/25/20, replaced both cantilever and stylus, and shipped it back on 5/15/20. I sent him my Triplanar at the same time and he shipped it back on 8/27/20, but it needed considerably more work and he had to source part... 
Rogue Audio Metis Magnum upgrade.
No experience with Rogue, but I've had some pieces upgraded by other manufacturers. $450 for all the above work plus they give your 10 year old preamp a thorough going over? I think it's a no brainer if you're planning on keeping the amp.All the u... 
Schiit order issue - anyone receiving shipments?
Recently I sent my Bifrost back for repair. They were very helpful in setting up the RMA, and I got notification when they received the return asking for the purchase details for warranty purposes. I told them I had bought it used so no warranty, ... 
An audio rack that really does make a difference.
I've had a Timbernation rack for years. Highly recommended, especially because you can get it customized to meet any requirement. Chris is great to work with. 
what are your cartridge set up go to
I use the Feickert protractor and find it accurate and easy to use. I've never owned the Nasotec tweezers, but they seem like a useful tool. I just use needle nose pliers and and grab the cartridge clips by the solder flange. Seems to work fine. 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
The 5th Dimension* ‎– The Age Of Aquarius. At the age of 10. I’ve been collecting albums for over 50 years now. :-) 
BAT Owners - 6C33C Tubes Question
3 months? I have a JAS Bravo 2.3 in my living room that gets played every day, and I'm on the same set of 6C33s that I stated with a year ago, and that's with many rolls of both the rectifiers and the input tubes. Your BAT must ride those power tu... 
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
My current rig is a Victor CL-P2/TT-81/UA-7082 and I've been very pleased. It replaced a Technics SH15B1/SP-15/modded Rega RB250 and gives me both better sonics and much more flexibility. My counterweight droops a bit but I don't believe it degrad...