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1st Album you Ever Owned?
The 5th Dimension* ‎– The Age Of Aquarius. At the age of 10. I’ve been collecting albums for over 50 years now. :-) 
BAT Owners - 6C33C Tubes Question
3 months? I have a JAS Bravo 2.3 in my living room that gets played every day, and I'm on the same set of 6C33s that I stated with a year ago, and that's with many rolls of both the rectifiers and the input tubes. Your BAT must ride those power tu... 
Have a Victor UA-7045 tonearm coming
My current rig is a Victor CL-P2/TT-81/UA-7082 and I've been very pleased. It replaced a Technics SH15B1/SP-15/modded Rega RB250 and gives me both better sonics and much more flexibility. My counterweight droops a bit but I don't believe it degrad... 
Stockfisch DMM Dubplate LP
"After the DMM-Dubplate has been played, it should be placed back in the plastic sleeve together with the white protection sheet, in order to prevent oxidation."Will that really prevent oxidation? That would be my biggest worry. 
What to do with pre-owned vinyl?
Check with your local college/public/independent radio stations; many have record fairs as fundraisers and are looking for donations. WFMU might be a good place to start. 
Didn't find a manual but this is out there: owned a WLA12A at one time and loved it. George Wright was a gem.David 
Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
I started with New Advents in 1978, and used them until I "upgraded" in 2004 to Epos ELS3s. I still remember them fondly.   :-) 
Cover Songs that are better than the Original
I went to see Golden Palominos in the late 80s at The Paradise in Boston, when Syd Straw was with them. The encore was The Ocean by Led Zeppelin, and with all due respect to Robert Plant, Syd was way better. Maybe the best cover I've ever heard. 
Tube tester...anyone own their own?
I've owned a Hickok 600 for about 12 years now. It was freshly calibrated when I bought it and I haven't had it updated, but it doesn't appear to have drifted too much. I test every tube I get and record the readings, so that I can both compare th... 
"Matching" of dual triode tubes - how close?
The 6SN7 is my favorite tube, and I've used them extensively in at least 3 different preamps. My experience is matching within 20% is more than enough, but here's something else to consider: some (maybe many?) preamps only use 1 of the 2 triodes f... 
Looking for a small tube amp (possibly integrated tube amp)... low power, nice sound
Shameless self-promotion: It's above your stated budget but the Decware Torii Mk IV I have for sale would sound fantastic with your Tektons, and it includes a volume control plus a myriad of other adjustments: 
Budget Tube Amp (newbie)
I owned Large Advents for 20+ years and used them with a variety of SS and tube amps. My experience is this:1)  If you've never upgraded the crossovers, this is the place to start. There are way better components available now than when HK designe... 
Can an IC based amp be considered 'high end'?
I own both Atma-sphere M60s and an Audiosector Patek, and right now I wouldn't give up either because they're the best sounding tube and SS amps I've heard. That said, they sound totally different, but both are clearly "high end". Two completely d... 
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
1)  The The - Paradise Theater, Boston, 19892)  Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Soldier Field, Chicago, 19773)  Alan Parsons, Hult Center, Eugene, OR, 2006 
Favorite cover?
I saw the Golden Palominos in Boston in the late 80s, and they did Led Zeppelin's The Ocean with Syd Straw on lead vocals. Best cover I've ever heard.