Recommend a budget floor standing speaker less than $1,000

Looking for suggestions for a floor standing speaker that blows you away with it's value.  
Fire away!
It’s entirely a question sourced directly in "system" synergy .

Lets’s start with the basic core first steps,

Ignoring the bespoke material influences of your listening environment that a wild card impossible to assess by a third party; the forum readers first require the full particulars of both:

(1) the makeup of rest of your system (I.e. Amp, source, cables); and
(2) a rough idea of your listening habits and music genre faves ,

Everything has its own sonic signature . Thus it is impractical -- if not impossible -- to offer up any meaningful response suggestions without this info.

Your query is a valid one, but it currently is presented in a much too broad manner. In its currently overly broad enquiry, all you will get back is invariably a blind response heavily driven by anecdotal personal bias, and likely a suggestion that may likely fail to suit your system synergy optimally.

Kindly list first your supporting system and listening details above, to cheerfully solicit a "rifle " approach list of responses instead of a "shotgun" approach.
Without knowing you room/system etc I would suggest looking for used speakers in that price range. If your dead set on buying new check out Tekton.

There is a pair of Proac response 2.5 on another site that is just a hair over your budget with a very small blemish, I would strongly consider those as well as the Triangle Celius 202 listed on the same site.

Just noticed that you already floated a prior near identical ballon first re: bookshelves instead of floor-standers . Because each brand has its own bespoke sonic signature , Brand X floorstander model versus standmount in a comparable price range strata is the same. 

At your indicated pricepoint of a G-note, there will be minimal to nil sonic differences nor improvement of floor-standers over standmounts.

looks like you already have 90+ % of available info already - now it is a simple case of actually auditioning and choosing.

I stringy doubt that you will glean any further meaningful info in your quest to OZ ...its already distilled down to a a you-alone decision criteria level now.
Just noticed that you already floated a prior near identical ballon first re: bookshelves instead of floor-standers .
Yep, a post that generated 3 plus pages without the OP committing to anything.

So my advice to him in this thread, will be exactly the same as I gave him in his last...
Understand your amps capabilities and how they relate to the two key specs of a speaker - impedance and sensitivity. Then make up a short list of models that are within your budget and go out and audition them.

For those of you who will give him recommendations anyway, his amp is a vintage NAD 3020.

Used or ELAC
@34dean     are you willing to do any assembly at all? DIY?  
A used Magnepan IIIa.   Hard to find.  May not mate with most rooms. 
For the money I think Vandersteen is an excellent speakers
old Alon speakers 5's MKII for larger rooms, model 2s for smaller room.  Happy Listening.
34dean, as one who has contributed throughout your other thread, I must agree with akg-ca. The only thing I can add is that in your price range I believe I could find a more satisfying bookshelf speaker than a floorstanding pair. Quality stands need not cost that much. 
Being "blown away" is completely dependent on what you currently have. I was blown away when I upgraded from my boombox cassette player to an all in one turntable/receiver but separate speaker set up. That was 45 years ago but the feeling is still fresh as yesterday. Nothing wrong with the NAD3020 but you better stick with 8 ohm dynamic/cone driver speakers with an efficiency/sensitivity greater than 90 dB. As being blown away, you'll need to be the judge of that.
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I've recommended this on this forum before. They can't keep this kit in stock,  its an outstanding value for $1500... It needs a good minimum 40 to 50 watts per channel in a normal sized listen room... They really need something capable of 4 ohms.
Oh, but its under $1000.  Looking is free.
My Tekton Lore Reference are astounding for $750/pair. He has a couple other models that fit that range as well. Pair them with an EL34 based integrated and you will be in heaven for a very low price.
The best options I can think of :
Q Acoustics 3050
Wharfedale Diamond 230
Cambridge Audio Aero 6
Monitor Audio Bronze 5
I think it's a no-brainer. These Revels, if you live locally.

I am not in any way affiliated with this ad, but if I lived close these would be mine.
Been spending time lately with a pair of ELAC UB-5 bookshelf's, and they are VERY impressive, offering stunningly good sonics at their very modest $500 (now $399 street) pricetag.

The next model up the Uni-Fi line, the UF-5 right at $1,000 has received unanimous praise as have all their models.  

The series down their line without the concentric tweeter / midrange driver has a floor-stander @ $760, the Debut F-6.  

The ELAC's have a 4 ohm impedance, however, so choice of amp is important.

Good luck!  
My (perhaps soon to be selling them) Silverline Prelude "D’Appolito array" masterpieces. Sublime tone and they have the ability to make you a better all around person. In fact, I can guarantee that. They're only under a grand if bought used.

I have same Silverlines as well and good they are .
However a pr of single-driver Gallo A’divas on their unobtrusive floor stands are better and less money . Get a small sub, Gallo if possible , and won’t do much better under 4-5 K . I paid $ 700 for both .
Single-driver no crossover so phase / time correct, 100 watt Belles Amp drives them fine .
For $1095 a pair take a look at the Omega   Super 3XRS floor standing speakers. Highly efficient at 94db and fast proprietary full range speaker. Many great reviews.
Funny, I just gave away my Omega Super3XRS to a young couple who loved classical music but couldn’t afford a system. I also gave them my Eastern Electric 8 watt tube integrated which was the only amp of the 5 i had on hand that made them sound good for the simple reason they need tubes to dance .
I also gave them a nice leather coach to put in front of them as they require sweet-spot listening .Also gave them a pr of expensive Mapleshade floor stands which the Omegas really needed as well .Rest of system was old Sony CD and Sony tuner which were $5 a piece at Goodwill and they both sound fine .
My Gallo A’diva TI sound  better and are not fussy whatsoever.

And no, this is not a joke, really happened about a month ago.
I will second miketauson’s comment on Vandersteens. I currently run Vandersteen 3A’s, that I was lucky to get at a grand. Prior to that, I had the 2C’s, which easily fit in your budget. There was a comment about nil difference between floorstanders and standmounts ... I couldn’t disagree more. The best standmounts I have had in my system were Quad 12L’s that on certain material were amazingly good for the $550 I paid. But it is impossible to expect the bass output from a speaker that size can match something like Vandersteen 2C’s or 3A’s. Before I bought my 2C’s I went to a boutique shop in Seattle, where I listened to some Epos, Rega and other speakers thinking that if I bought new, I’d get better quality for my money. Under a grand, I personally haven’t found anything. Trust me, if I could find a smaller speaker than my 3A’s that would give me the sonic pleasure they do in my space, I would swap them out in a minute. Hasn’t happened yet.

If you don’t normally play your music really loud, you can easily enjoy smaller speakers. Consider A/D/S, Boston Acoustics or Infinity? I had some Infinity RSM's (Reference Studio Monitor) that almost kicked my Vandersteen’s out ... it really depends on your system, the amount of power you have, the type of music you play and your room size. Boston Acoustics A150/200/400 are very nice and architecturally mid century modern cool. Sound nice as well. Also, the BA T830 is typically a very nice lower price speaker that in a smaller room would be really nice.

My final comment on Vandersteen’s is this. Richard is a smart guy and designed the 2/3 line to be forgiving with many different sources and still sound impressive. My setup has two Parasound HCA-1500A amps in mono driving the 3A’s ... my brother-in-law is enjoying his 2C’s with a Pioneer SX-850, which I had my doubts would sound good ... and he loves them. They sound nice.

Very surprised at ur comments about A'Divas vs. Preludes.  Which model Gallos do you have?  How are they better?

A'diva Ti . I think they are better in soundstage and instumental seperation, 
easier to find lines in Symphony . A bit clearer and coherent as well, most single driver crossover less speakers are . Bigger sound and easy to drive
even though 85 db , easy on amp .
Not knocking the Silverlines mind you , they are good speakers, bit better tone than Gallo's but not much .