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Placement of subwoofers
Place a subwoofer on your seat and walk around the room. This will reveal nodes and optimum placement  
subwoofer slight hum
Is your interconnect shielded?  
Which Line Level, Balanced Preamplifier?
get an integrated  
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
Schitt Lokius  
A cunundrum of sorts... any ideas?
2 separate systems  
Im looking for the next upgrade. I'm not real sure which way I want to go Help!
Room acoustics!!!  
Denon DL-302 rebuild thoughts
The best is the enemy of the good. The more complex the stylus shape the fussier the setup will be. If you don't have (or are not) a tt specialist, I would avoid the micro-ridge.  
Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
I think most of the people on this site have never heard cheap audio. If you had, you would be shocked at how good "mid-fi" has gotten in the last 20 years  
Best qobuz records to compare dac upgrades
How are you going to adjust for loudness differences between them? <1dB may be audible  
Recommendations for the best headphones with equalization after severe acoustic injury
Consult an audiologist first. If they agree you may want to EQ your speakers  
Need help deciding on a new amp
Purifi with the right (Sparkos?) op amp front end  
Most Extensive State-of-the-Art DAC Survey Ever!
Buy a Topping and a Loki  
Class D Amplification Announcement
go listen to a purify before you type  
Shostakovich Fifth Symphony
Washington Post article on MoFi vs. Fremer vs. Esposito
Want to share this article on wine tasting (relevant) http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/jun/23/wine-tasting-junk-science-analysis