Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.

The pop up spam on my iPhone is making audiogon unusable. Is anyone else having the same issue when viewed from an iPhone?
Yup, fishing expedition pop up junk. Been going on for a couple days.
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I am also experiencing a so called Comcast  Award game that throws me out every time.  Ruining my Agon. Very frustrating.
If you folks haven't done so already have you sent a ticket into Tammy to see if she is aware of the issue, if so if she is working on it , etc etc
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Just an issue on my iPhone. It is the kind of add that blocks the whole screen and wants to take you to the App Store. Once I clear my ram it is fine for a bit. 

Same issue that flatblackround states.
I use an ad blocker on my laptop and iPad. Very effective.  I would guess this software is also available for iPhone (?).  
Thanks I will take a look. Oddly no issue on my iPad Pro. 
Number one reason why I use my high end phone as a phone and message receiver and sender only. Android was made to enable ads and to data mine everything we do. It doesn’t like any browser but Chrome.
Just like Windows 10, neither system is there for the purpose of providing for the end user. Both exist to data mine everything we do and sell your screen space to whomever comes along.
+1 theophile! Too bad we can't get paid every time an add appears on the phone!
I was reading a post in the Audiogon digital forum and received a popup spam message again. I was okay for a while but these popup spams started again the last few days.  I emailed Audiogon Customer Support of this issue.   

Someone mentioned these popups are web pages but I do not not know.  Please note these popup spans only appear when I am browsing Audiogon.  I get NO popups when browsing any other audio site or anything else.

t seems I only receive the popups in the Forum section and not the for sale section. 

My Safari popup blocker is on and so is my fraudulent web blocker. My IOS version is 12.2 and is the most current version.  

If anyone else is receiving these popup spam messages, please email Audiogon Customer Support at:

[email protected]


I just bought Crystal (.99) for IOS because the last couple of days has been terrible!  Hope this works.

arftech,  Please email your popup spam issues to Audiogon Customer Support at:

[email protected]

It is very important that they know others are also having this issue    Thanks  

Here are two solutions that seem to be working. 

1.  Don’t use the safari browser... download google and use that browser for audiogon. 

2. Go to the App Store and download stopad... it’s free... this seems to allow you to then use safari. 

Will report back back if either of these stop working. 
Download Norton Ad Blocker for free from the App Store. One button to turn it on and that’s it, you won’t see any of the garbage. 
Best blocker and the one I'm using now is uBlock Origin.  I hardly see any ads on any site, although some sites require me to disable the ad blocker for access to the site.
Ghostery is available for the iPhone as a browser. I use it on my desktop where its a plug in to Firefox- in that case it blocks 'trackers' that report your activity to other sites like Google.
As a browser on the iPhone it acts a bit different. You have to set it to block trackers- when you do it works a lot better (and faster) but not all sites will resolve. Audiogon does FWIW and I don't get any redirects or popups.
Ghostery also blocks ads. This is really nice when active on forum sites that have a lot of ads. It loads faster and seems less annoying :)
Okay, Just an update.
The pop-ups we believe have been blocked or in the processes of being removed. Email me at [email protected], attn: Tammy if you see anymore today. 
I still see them on iPhone. They take over the Safari browser and take me to another SPAM site. Go into the amps discussion from iPhone/Safari and I get routed to sfweeklymusic.world with a huge pop up that says Congratulations! and a picture of a gift. 
Adblocker pro fixed the issue for me. Still the site should be fixed. 
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First place - three days in Guam. Second place - a week in Guam.
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“Congratulations”  You have been chosen to receive or won blah, blah, blah.

Never a good thing to find on your screen.
This place is lighting up like a Christmas tree. 
" This place is lighting up like a Christmas tree."

You may want to put the mounting bolts back in your transformers and outlet covers to stop that.
You mean like the bolts on your neck?
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 I get NO popups when browsing any other audio site or anything else.
Same here. Only audiogon is like Times Square. I usually get five minutes then have to close windows.
In regards to this thread, are you still seeing Pop-ups? 
I use AdBlock and have never encountered a pop-up on Audiogon. (By last count, AdBlock has blocked over 376,000 ads on my MacBook Pro.)
I am still seeing them on iPhone.
I shut off my Norton blocker and instantly got pop ups rendering the site useless. 
I think I would rather have pop ups,over more threads about a certain speaker brand.