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are we also coffee connoisseurs? Or wine enthusiasts?
As for wine - - I prefer reds and generally buy whatever's good and cheap at Costco.  This evening I'll have a bit of Monte Oton 2018 - a very nice Spanish garnacha.  Hard to go wrong at $6.89/bottle.  
are we also coffee connoisseurs? Or wine enthusiasts?
I buy whole roasted beans from Peets and grind them in a Baratza Vario.  Then brew in a KitchenAide pour over brewer.  Very fine results.  
Why is Audiogon checking my browser?
gdnrbob - - Just curious what browser you're using.  I use Safari, and there are a couple of sites I regularly visit where the dreaded capcha demon plagues me - - until I change the browser to  Firefox. Then, no more capcha crap.  Just a thought.  
Record Seam Splits
Thanks for the sleevecity tip, slaw.  Didn't know about that one.  
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
Victory at Sea - Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett - NBC Symphony Orch.  
New mat for Rega P6?
I've got Herbie's mats on my two P-9s. Very pleased with them - - and the absence of static.  
Favorite D2D LPs
Forgot to mention that *Big Band Spectacular!* is on the Chasing the Dragon label - comes with 2 records - one cut D2D and the other (same session) mixedown to 1/2" tape @ 30 its - - plus a (very short) "behind the scenes" dvd.  Kind of pricey, bu... 
Favorite D2D LPs
Two of my favorites: *The Glenn Miller Orchestra* - 1977 release by The Great American Gramophone Company) *Big Band Spectacular!* featuring the Syd Lawrence Orchestra (circa 2018) There are others, but these get played several times per year.  
Anyone have experience with the Tung Sol 7581a vs. EL34, KT66, KT88, 6L6
Well, I guess one could say I'm sold on the Tung-Sol 7581A.  Bought a matched quad from Tube Depot, which arrived today in good order.  All in, the cost was $210.71.  Together with the low mileage set bought in 2017 and re-installed  a few weeks a... 
Anyone have experience with the Tung Sol 7581a vs. EL34, KT66, KT88, 6L6
no romance - when I first tried the 7581As I thought they were good - but perhaps a bit "dry" and not as warm as the KT88s.  Mind you, I last used the 7581As some years ago.  They now sound quite fine - generally well rounded and "warm" . I menti... 
Anyone have experience with the Tung Sol 7581a vs. EL34, KT66, KT88, 6L6
I bought a quad of the Tung-Sol 7581A's in 2017 when this thread started.  I used them for about a month in my PrimaLuna integrated and thought they were good, but went back to  Gold Lion KT-88s, which I had been running since since PL amp was new... 
What is the Bu-ray plauyer that you are using?
Oppo 103 (from 2010).  Great little unit - - I only use it for watching Blu-Ray and dvd's.  
How many systems do you have?
I have two - but it seems that the "secondary" system has become "primary" - - and has been for some years now.   
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
About 20 years ago I picked up a nice Akai 4000ds Mk II.   Had a capable tech go over it, and he pronounced it to be a top working condition.  I've got +/- 100 prerecorded 4-track tapes, and I play a few of them from time to time - - in general, e... 
Has anyone ever used a company called vacuum tube values to purchase vacuum tubes?
I've made several purchases from an Ohio-based eBay seller, wpc1896 - - mostly a couple quads of Gold Lion KT88's, but also some smaller signal tubes. I've been happy with each purchase.Here's a link to his current listing of a quad of KT77's:http...