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Did not get weekly email from Audiogon
Today is the first day the weekly email didn't hit my in box.  
Tandberg TD 20A (Working in very good condition) Value?
I attended college in Chicago in the mid-late 60's and loved WFMT and the Midnight Special.  How many r-2-r tapes do you have?  Assume they are 4-track (?) 
Opinions about Newvelle Records pressing quality?
I've also been with NewVelle since the beginning.  During that 4-year period I had one record that had a serious flaw, and Elan Mehler jumped right on it and had a replacement shipped from the French pressing plan (NewVelle has recently switched t... 
What I call minimalist
Perhaps not what you had in mind, but when I think "minimalist" Arvo Part and the tintinnabuli style come to mind.  Wonderful stuff! 
Which tubes for eastern electric phono preamp?
I've owned the EE Minimax phono preamp for about 15 years.  Some years ago I replaced the original 12ax7 tubes with NOS Mullards from Upscale Audio. Expensive, but a very worthwhile upgrade.The phono preamp was plugged into an EE M520, then a Rogu... 
What loudspeakers do you have your Primaluna amp paired with?
My PrimaLuna integrated is hooked up to Omega Hemptones.  Got those speakers in 2005 and they've been great throughout the years. 
What is your favorite tube type?
I'm on my second set of Gold Lion KT88's - running in my PrimaLuna Integrated. I've tried the EL34's, KT120's and 6550's. But the 88's are my fav. 
KT150s in Audio Research Ref 110.
Did ARC say why the 150's aren't recommended? 
Audioquest Niagara 1200 finally shipping!
I got one from Elusive Disc earlier this month.  Can't compare it to other models, as it's my first power conditioner.  It did banish a low level hum that plague me for a long time in phono stage mode with my PrimaLuna integrated. 
What is your best internet radio station?
Currently, the 1950s UK Radio Station.  There is also a very fine sister station:  the 1940's Uk Radio Station.  A lot of variety DJ'd by knowledgable people who are in it for love and not money. 
Real world life expectancy of a high end cartridge?
I also use the Elizabeth method. Learned about it (possibly from Elizabeth) many years ago.  Click counter on my Ortofon Jubilee shows just over 4,100 sides, and the cart. still sounds good.  My rule of thumb for clicking - any side played over 1/... 
anbody ever hear of an outfit called dynagroove records?
Yogiboy and geoffkait are correct.  I've sometimes referred to these records as "Dynaflaps" because they were so thin.  But some were very good sounding - like ARL 2-0731 - Schubert Piano Trios with Rubenstein, Szeryng and Fournier.  Still play th... 
Favorite Miles Davis release
KOB - released in 1959, the best selling jazz LP of all time.  And for a good reason. 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
+/- 7,000.  Been collecting since 1962.  The collection is mostly jazz and classical with some rock and other stuff.  I've curtailed my buying quite a bit the last few years and have started giving some of my dupes away.  Soon I'll start selling t... 
Jimi Hendrix UHQR Mono & Stereo is shipping
Mine showed up on Monday (one each of the stereo/mono versions).I got a "shipment notification" from Acoustic Sounds and checked my Amex account to confirm the items had been billed.  Nada.  Then, on Tuesday I received a "Request for Money" from A...